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The following list includes current CAALA Affiliates. Affiliate Vendor status is available to any person or company whose nature of business provides goods or services to plaintiff trial lawyers. Please support our Affiliate Vendors by contacting them for your business needs and projects. If you would like to become a CAALA Affiliate Vendor, click here to join.

"What if my information is not correct?" - If you are a current Affiliate Vendor and have changed contact information or wish to add your business to the category list, download and return the Info Update Form.

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4 Corners Deposition Summaries logo

#1 deposition summary service trusted by trial lawyers for top quality summaries. Free up hours of attorney time as we help you prepare for trial.


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Advantage Court Reporters logo

Our office provides Court Reporting, Videography, Interpreters and litigation copy services Nationwide - Worldwide.

Advantage Representatives logo

The smart choice to accompany and protect your clients during IME/DME. We will uphold limitations, document and record exam, provide a detailed report, & testify as expert witness.

Allan Massihi Inc.

Podiatric physician/surgeon specializing in injuries and treatments of foot and ankle. Surgeries/Treatments rendered on lien basis. Currently a member of the Doctor's on Liens

Alliance Courtroom Reporters, Inc. logo

Alliance Courtroom Reporters, Inc. specializes in providing certified shorthand reporters for all civil courtroom proceedings. We are experienced, reliable and offer fair and reasonable pricing.

Agency for Dispute Resolution logo

As a premier provider of dispute resolution services, our expert panel of peacemakers and problem-solvers work closely with lawyers, clients and other professionals to resolve the most challenging cases.

Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters logo

We provide the most efficient and comprehensive service for all court reporting needs. FAST and ACCURATE. Call for your special discounted CAALA rates.

  • Advanced Orthopedics, a Sports Medical Group
  • 16530 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100
  • Encino, CA 91436
  • (818) 788-0101
  • Contact: Ken Bond
  • email:
  • ALM
  • 120 Broadway, 5th Floor
  • New York, NY 10271
  • (212) 457-7708
  • Contact: Alanna Kalb
  • email:

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Bank of the West logo

Prudent credit underwriting, a diversified loan portfolio, & careful risk management have allowed Bank of the West to grow to more than $62 billion in assets. Steady growth to regional prominence.

Benchmark Investigations logo

Professional service emphasizing accuracy, detail & expedience. Asset /financial searches; background investigation; process service; witness location/interviews; surveillance; workplace investigation.

Ben Hyatt logo

One Call Does It All! Nationwide Coverage, Interpreters, Realtime Reporters, Certified Court Reporters, Video Conferencing, Legal Videographers, Certified LiveNote Reporters, Online Document Repository.

  • Barry A. Cane & Assoc.
  • 240 Lombard St #100
  • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • (805) 496-5537
  • Contact: Barry A.Cane
  • email:
  • BKP Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
  • 8940 Corbin Ave.
  • Northridge, CA 91324
  • (818) 885-1600
  • Contact: Eileen Castro
  • email:

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California Deposition Reporters logo

Local/National Service 24/7. Online/mobile phone transcript access. Conference Rooms, Interpreters, Videoconferencing, Realtime. Family owned and operated. Woman owned certified business.

CaseLinkUp, Inc. logo is a site exclusively for attorneys to find and refer cases to other attorneys.

Coalition of Court Reporters of Los Angeles

CCROLA is a full-service court reporting agency that provides former official reporters to courtrooms throughout California, and specializes in litigation support from Discovery to Verdict.

Charities Pooled Trust logo

Protect Medi-Cal & SSI, meeting all of your Special Needs Trust requirements.


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Docs On Liens logo

Doctors on Liens™ is a pre-screened network of qualified medical professionals who specialize in med/legal evaluations & treatments for personal injury & workers' compensation cases on a lien basis.


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File & Servexpress logo

File & Servexpress provides an electronic platform for efiling and eserving between attorneys and courts throughout the litigation process and has a repository to retain and access all documents at any time for as long as needed.

  • First Priority Management Service
  • 21031 Ventura Blvd. #603
  • Woodland Hills, CA 91364
  • (818) 596-0900
  • Contact: Brian Swan
  • email:

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Golding Court Reporters Logo

Golding Court Reporters was established in 1987 and is dedicated to providing the best possible court reporting service to the legal community. Call us for all of your court reporting needs.

  • Gregory Rutchik, Financial Rep. Northwestern Mutual
  • 21800 Oxnard Blvd, #800
  • Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • (650) 224-2621
  • Contact: Gregory A Rutchik JD, LLM
  • email:

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Hutchings Court Reporters logo

Local | National | International Service 24/7
Also - Conference Rooms, Interpreters, Videoconferencing, Realtime Streaming. Online Calendar & Transcript Access. We're known for our hospitality.

  • Healthcare Financial Solutions
  • 17525 Venture Blvd., #200
  • Encino, CA 91316
  • (818) 933-5454
  • Contact: Ari Resnik
  • email:

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International Litigation Services logo

Providing specialized support to Plaintiffs' counsel ONLY, our consultants have developed a deep appreciation for the challenges & goals shared by our clients as they battle with Goliath-like opponents.

  • Infinite Data Systems
  • 9854 National Blvd. #339
  • Los Angeles, CA 90034
  • (818) 556-0182
  • Contact: Lucas Harrelson
  • email:
  • Integrated Litigation Support
  • P.O. Box 7701
  • Northridge, CA 91327
  • (818) 368-1040
  • Contact: Donna Siers
  • email:
  • 8287 White Oak Avenue
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
  • (909) 466-1665/li>
  • Contact: Carmen Rivera
  • email:

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The James Street logo

Comprehensive settlement planning that maximizes & protects your clients recovery. Structured attorney fees, Medicare Set Asides, Government Benefit Protection, Lien Resolution, Trust Administration.

JAMS logo

Founded in 1979, JAMS, The Resolution Experts, is the nation's largest private provider of ADR services. With Resolution Centers nationwide, they resolve thousands of the nation's most important cases.

Judicate West logo

Judicate West is one of California's leading dispute resolution providers, offering a panel of professional attorney nuetrals and former judges to resolve all types of tort and commercial disputes.


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  • Kaas Settlement Consulting - Millennium Settlements
  • 9210 Irvine Center Dr.
  • Irvine, CA 92618
  • (714) 335-4977
  • Contact: Traci Kaas
  • email:
  • Kantor Orthopedics
  • 24355 Lyons Avenue #240
  • Santa Clarita, CA 91321
  • (661) 259-2110
  • Contact: Jeffrey Kantor

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Lawyers Pacific Logo

Lawyers Pacific Insurance Brokerage specializes in Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance. Al and Debbie Hernandez have over 40 years combined experience finding insurance solutions.

  • Lifeforce Sporysmedicine Chiropractic, Inc
  • 78435 Singing Palms Drive
  • La Quinta, CA 92253
  • (310) 592-5479
  • Contact: Jon D. Franks
  • email:

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The Matloff Company logo

Health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance for individuals and firms.

Mark D. Bernhard Logo

Physician board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, EMG's, NCV's Xray, Pain management, Social Security,IME,QME, comprehensive reports,multiple locations in California.

Floyd J. Siegal logo

Private mediation services in a comfortable environment, with a reduced rate program -- "50/50 Mediation" -- for claims of lesser value. A portion of all mediation fees are donated to the charity of your choice.

Medivest logo

Medicare & Mandatory Ins. Reporting compliance. Services: MSA Allocation Reports , Prof. Admin. for MSAs & future medical custodial accounts. Training for MCLE credit, expert testimony.


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Nutris logo

Legal Nurse Consulting Group utilizing clinical expertise and knowledge of the inner workings of the healthcare system to bridge the gap between medicine and law.

  • Neubauer & Associates
  • 503 Vista Bella #12
  • Oceanside, CA 92057
  • (760) 721-2500
  • Contact: Richard Neubauer
  • email:
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • 21800 Oxnard Blvd, Ste 800
  • Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • (650) 224-2621
  • Contact: Gregory Rutchik
  • email:

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Parehjan & Vartzar Chiropractic logo

Providing chiropractic & physiotherapy care on a LIEN basis to your injured clients at our six convenient locations.

Parrish Reporting logo

Court Reporting, video, interpreters, conference rooms, Nationwide Legal Services - Located in the beautiful Water Garden in Santa Monica. logo

$1.9 billion placed in annuity premiums & US Gov. notes. Settlement planning for physical & non-physical injuries, Medicare Set-Asides, government benefits protection & attorney fees-at no cost to clients.

Personal Court Reporters logo

Offices in Van Nuys, Santa Barbara, West LA, Ontario & Ventura providing certified real time court reporters, legal videographers, video conferencing, online depository, mediation conference rooms.

Parehjan & Vartzar Chiropractic logo

Providing physician-directed life care plans and other high quality medically-related litigation support, including: vocational / economic/neuropsych assessment, MSAs, medical illustrations and more.

Power Liens Logo

Free directory of doctors on liens all over CA, AZ, IL, FL. Not just chiropractors, but plenty of specialists as well.

The Private Bank of California logo

Our knowledge of your financial needs & our premier service has made us the choice for a growing number of attorneys and their firms. We're what a bank used to be - and what a bank should be.

  • Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
  • 20377 SW Acacia St., #120
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • (562) 754-6919
  • Contact: Tanja Masters
  • email:
  • Pain & Rehabilitation Medical Group
  • 3701 Skypark Drive #260
  • Torrance, CA 90505
  • (310) 791-4980
  • Contact: Dr. Roy Simon
  • email:
  • Pain & Rehabilitation Medical Group
  • 3701 Skypark Drive #260
  • Torrance, CA 90505
  • (310) 791-4980
  • Contact: Roy Simon, M.D.
  • email:
  • Pensions, Annuities, & Settlements
  • 3535 E. Coast Highway
  • Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
  • (949) 375-2772
  • Contact: Paul P. Young
  • email:
  • Physician Owned Surgery Centers
  • 2619 F Street
  • Bakersfield, CA 93301
  • (281) 558-5240
  • Contact: Peter M. Gardner
  • email:
  • Pogosyan Corporation
  • 412 W. Broadway #200
  • Glendale, CA 91204
  • (818) 291-0547
  • Contact: Chris Pogosyan
  • email:

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World Wide Mediators logo

Providing the Best Experience in Mediation & Arbitration Services


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Shapiro logo

We develop safe and compliant settlement administration plans in individual and mass tort cases. Providing solutions to thorny Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA and Private Insurance lien resolution.

RJS logo

Neurology practice with expertise in traumatic brain injuries and other neurotrauma. Expert witness. Treatment provided on lien basis.


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  • TLO
  • 4530 Conference Way, S.
  • Boca Raton, FL 33413
  • (561) 226-9788
  • Contact: Bill Parker
  • email:

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USA Express logo

USA Express Legal & Investigative Services has been serving attorneys since 1998. We provide Attorney Services, Mobile Copy, Private Investigations, Process Service and Subpoena Preparation all under one roof.


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Verdict Videos logo

Day-in-the-Life videos and settlement documentaries that transform your client's complaint into a persuasive presentation for pre-trial mediations, settlement conferences and courtroom trials.

Vital Imagin logo

We offer stand-up, weight bearing MRI's, CT scans, shockwave and ultra-sound with A.I.M. reporting.

  • V3 Legal Videos
  • 7304 Beverly Blvd., #255
  • Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • (424) 646-3456
  • Contact: Logan Hale
  • email:
  • V.I.T.A., Inc.
  • 3500 W. Olive Avenue #300
  • Burbank, CA 91505-4647
  • (818) 766-0058
  • Contact: Janice Wexler
  • email:
  • Veritext
  • 550 S. Hope St., #1775
  • Los Angeles, CA 90071
  • (213) 623-5005
  • Contact: Natalie Sahin
  • email:

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