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CAALA Endorsed Insurance Provider

Company Overview

For over 30 years, Elliot Matloff and his firm have been providing life, disability, long term care and health insurance to attorneys, their families and staff with a special emphasis on listening to what you want and then custom tailoring a program that meets your needs and budget while utilizing over 100 high quality insurance companies.


Medical Insurance

  • Coverage for you, your family or firm
  • Regular review of your insurance to improve benefits and reduce costs

Life Insurance (term, universal, return of premium term, permanent)

  • Family Protection
  • Business Key person and Buy-Sell
  • Estate Planning

Disability Insurance

  • Insure your most important asset - your ability to earn an income
  • Overhead Expense Insurance
  • Benefits from $5000 to $100,000 per month  
  • Call us about the 10% discount on disability insurance premiums for CAALA members

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Coverage for home care and nursing facility care
  • Benefits increase with inflation
  • Spousal Discounts