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Company Overview

Verdict Videos’ award-winning settlement video documentaries can transform your client's complaint into a compelling legal video presentation that highlights the opposing party’s liability and increases damages. We give you the tools to persuade by presenting the tangibles and intangibles of your client's case with professional narration, expert witness interviews, before and after photographs, day in the life video footage and more.

There is a very good reason why our clients are settling cases in the 6 and 7 figure ranges.

Our videos are authentic, not staged. They are persuasive as we effectively present the facts of the case and allow the heartfelt truth about your client's damages to be told. They are affordable because our flat-rate pricing packages get the job done within our client’s budgets. 

Flat-rate pricing packages start at $2,000.

Think you do not have a case that warrants video presentation for mediation or trial? Think again. We provide better, more reliable services at reasonable prices because our team has over 25 years experience producing television, documentary and legal video productions. Keeping costs to a minimum is just one way we provide excellent client service.  Most of our legal video services are available as complete flat-rate packages. We do not charge ‘administrator’ fees, or travel time; nor do we bill a premium for rush requests.

We are your alternative for sensible pricing and great results.


Legal video production services include:

  • Day in the Life Video
  • Settlement Documentary
  • Wrongful Death Portrait
  • Site Inspection Video
  • Accident Recreation
  • Small Exposure Video
  • Video Enhancement

Member Discount

We are delighted to offer CAALA members a one-time $500 discount off one the following video packages: Settlement Documentary, Full-Day Day in the Life Video, Wrongful Death Portrait, Accident Recreation and Video Site Inspection. CAALA Members receive a $200 discount off of the Small Exposure Video Package. Call Verdict Videos for more details.