CAALA Member Fee Dispute Resolution Program - in the event of a fee dispute with another lawyer which does not involve the client, CAALA offers skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced mediators to convene confidential mediations at affordable rates. You will receive a quick response, an experienced mediator and confidentiality, when you need a fee dispute resolution with member or non-member lawyers. Mediators charged a fixed rate - $200/hour, split between the parties. 

The program is operated through CAALA for the benefit of CAALA members. Robert Tessier is the volunteer administrator of the program.

Here's how it works:

  • In the event of a fee dispute between lawyers only, Robert is notified of the dispute and the identity of the parties to the dispute. He then provides them with the names of $200/hour mediators who are pre-screened by him for the experience necessary to handle fee disputes. They are required to be 10 year attorneys, CAALA members, and have completed at least 40 hours of training and mediated at least 10 personal injury cases.
  • For two parties, you receive three mediators. For three parties, you receive four mediators, etc.
  • Each side may strike one name. Whoever is left after all the striking is the mediator.
  • Robert will contact the mediator, who convenes the mediation at $200/hour split between the parties.
  • Robert is notified of the convening, and whether the matter settles.

To use this service, contact:

Robert M. Tessier
Tessier Mediation
(818) 730-2185 cell
5870 Melrose Ave., #3-482
Los Angeles, CA 90038