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Company Overview

Legatech is a pioneer of offshore legal support since 2003. Our team of highly trained and experienced secretarial and paralegal staff works during non-U.S. office hours to allow your practice to run up to 24 hours a day ensuring that your Personal Injury/MMP cases move from intake to demand letter stage in the quickest time. The team works remotely, securely, and confidentially on the tasks below to help accelerate the process of Pre-Litigation Settlements – a major source of revenues for most firms, yet typically acknowledged as the slowest process at the firm.


  • Client Intake and Updating Case Management Database
  • Obtaining Personal History, Records, and Case Details from Client
  • Medical Records Requests, Retrieval, Chronology, and Summary
  • Drafting Demands, Settlements, and Complaints
  • Drafting Discovery
  • Deposition Summary

Our high-quality and cost-effective case processing support enables your firm to:

  • GROW: By freeing up attorney and paralegal time to focus on core revenue generating activities such as marketing and customer relations.
  • SCALE: By empowering you to take on large matters without concern that you will lack adequate resources to perform the legal work involved.
  • CUT COSTS: Reduce operating costs to allow savings to be re-directed to marketing.

In order to support your marketing efforts, we take your law firm brand closest to the client – right on their mobile phones - through Law Firm Branded Mobile Applications and Mobile Websites for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

Member Discounts

Legatech offers CAALA members one of the following on a one-time use basis:

  • Free Medical Summary Pilot (120 pgs. of medical records)
  • Free Demand Drafting Pilot (150 pgs. of medical records)
  • Free 8 hours of paralegal support Pilot