Network Deposition Services


Network Now (screen share and video conference software). This is a web based deposition service.  You can participate remotely using webcam-equipped computers anywhere an internet connection can be found (hardwire internet connection recommended).  Network Now will allow you to see and hear the deponent and all the other participants live without actually being in the room.  Both locations will also need a speakerphone in the room for the audio.  The quality of the video will depend on the webcams used as well as the internet connectivity.

Be sure that you:

  • Have a functional web cam connected to your computer
  • Network Now Invite:

Proceeding Summary
Meeting Host:
Meeting Name:  Case Name
When:  Scheduled Date of Deposition

Video Proceeding Connection Details
To join the proceeding browse to:
[Network Now Link]
Audio Conference Details
Audio Conference Provider: LoopUp
Conference Number:
Participant Code:

  • Have the latest version of Adobe Connect installed.
    • For IPads, simply download the app and updates will be installed automatically if this setting is already enabled
    • For Laptops we recommend clicking on the link provided  beforehand to ensure you have this program installed

Sign up is not required, guests will type their name before entering the room and the host will grant you access to the virtual meeting space

Typically the camera for the deponent is only enabled but there is an option available for everyone to be seen

We recommend the videographer to be with the deponent for the following reasons:

  • Higher quality video
  • Ability to frame witness
  • Ability to end recording when all parties have agreed to go off record