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Company Overview

At Partner-Films we have been successful in producing “day in the life” films for plaintiff firms who specialize in medical malpractice and personal injuries. Our films have been an important tool to help secure millions in settlements and win trials.


For a day in the life documentary we spend about 6 to 8 hours at the client’s home. In certain cases, we have started filming the night before and picked back up in the morning when the client wakes up. This helps us to present the clients experiences within a 24-hour cycle.

Our crew is minimal, allowing us to keep the home environment safe and comfortable with little disruption.

Once the filming is completed, a rough cut will be submitted to the law firm via a password protected online screener. The attorneys can make changes and when the film is finalized it can be delivered via a password protected download link, screener or via DVD, up to a maximum of 6 DVD’s.

Member Discount

We always strive to deliver a high-quality product. Our “day in the life” documentaries are $2500, but we would like to offer CAALA members an initial $500 off on the first film and 10% off thereafter.

Mention that you are a CAALA member when you contact us.


Partner-Films//day in the life documentaries
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