Political Action Committee: Electing Pro-consumer Candidates

By contributing to the CAALA Political Action Committee, CAALA members are able to financially support candidates that believe in preserving the civil justice system.  Through small monthly donations, you can help to build a unified fund that is very powerful in the political process.   

Under the leadership of PAC Chair Steve Goldberg the CAALA PAC has a record of supporting many successful candidates that are consumer friendly. Our financial support helped pro-civil justice candidates win in many very competitive races where they beat pro-big business, pro-insurance company candidates. 

It is easy to become a contributor to the CAALA Political Action Committee.  Go to join CAALA PAC.

In addition, every election year CAALA members help to elect pro-consumer candidates to the legislature by actively participating in political campaigns.  Our members volunteer for important activities such as voter contact phone banks, precinct walking and attendance at candidate forums.  

For more information about the CAALA Political Action Committee, contact CAALA PAC treasurer Bill Smith at bill@caala.org or (213) 487-1212.