Synergy Settlements

Now, more than ever, we understand CAALA members need to evaluate every possible way to be more efficient and profitable. Resolving liens, dealing with Medicare compliance and making sure the client’s recovery is protected are our singular focus. Contact your local representative Brandon Kahan to see how Synergy can aggressively fight lien holders for every single dollar thereby saving your team valuable time and maximizing the client’s net recovery. We do this all the while making sure the file is closed compliantly and the recovery is protected. 

Services offered to CAALA members include:

  • Lien Resolution servicesERISA/Private Insurance, Hospital/Provider, Medicare, Medi-Cal, FEHBA, VA/Tricare lien resolution services.
  • Medicare complianceFull MSP compliance services inclusive of Plaintiff consultations, Medicare Set-Asides and professional administration.
  • Public Benefit preservationSynergy’s Pooled National Trust can help your clients transition from litigation back to life knowing their public benefits are protected.
  • Structured SettlementsFull access to life markets enables us to create customized financial plans for plaintiffs to preserve and protect their recovery.
  • Attorney Fee DeferralA variety of options for attorneys to defer their contingent legal fees.

During these challenging times Synergy is here to help! Here’s how:

  1. Synergy Lien Resolution is waiving our advance fee’s for the month of April! (contact Brandon Kahan for further details and terms)
  2. Beyond our core services listed above we are also offering all CAALA members virtual mediation support at no cost to you or your client. We will do free training for anyone who needs it on how to use the virtual meeting platform.

To learn more please contact Brandon Kahan at (213)300-4545 or email at