Trial Lawyer Skills for the New Attorney
PowerPoint Presentations from March 30, 2019
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Ethics and the Trial Lawyer
Review Rules of Professional Conduct, handling trust accounts, contingency fee agreements/contracts, civility, opening an office
Maryann Gallagher of Law Offices of Maryann P. Gallagher

Written Discovery & Related Issues
Preparing, responding and objecting to interrogatories, request for admissions, production requests, inspection, medical examination, as well as resolving discovery disputes informally
Greyson Goody of The Simon Law Group

Oral Discovery
Percipient and expert depositions: from preparing and noticing through objecting and defending to taking depositions; all while handling uncivil opponents
Elizabeth Hernandez of Michels & Lew

Law and Motion
Demurrers, motions to strike, discovery motions (protective orders, motions to compel, etc.) and sanctions
Martin Aarons of The Aarons Law Firm

Summary Judgment Motions
Preparing and opposing motions for summary judgment - handling procedural pitfalls and marshalling the evidence
Alyssa Schabloski of Gladius Law, APC

Pre-Trial Process
Motions in limine, pre-trial motions, status conferences, settlement techniques and mediation; dealing with opposing side, judge and court personnel; and fast track rules
Genie Harrison of Genie Harrison Law Firm

The Trial: Part I
Creating the trial theme, voir dire, opening statement requirements, demonstration of opening statement, impressing the jury
Shawn McCann of Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid

The Trial: Part II
Basic procedures to follow, rules of court, presenting evidence, preparing witnesses, direct testimony & cross-examination with demonstration
Minh Nguyen of Nguyen Lawyers, ALC