White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt

During this period while courts are essentially closed, several of your clients may be looking for quick settlements, as opposed to going to trial later. White Zuckerman Warsavsky Luna & Hunt, a forensic accounting and economic consulting firm with extensive expert witness testimony, analyzes loss of earnings and fringe benefits and present value of medical expenses in personal injury and wrongful termination matters and lost profits and lost business value in commercial litigation matters. For settlement purposes, we perform these analyses quickly and relatively inexpensively. If your matter later goes to trial, we would work up the damage analysis more extensively with additional support and testify thereon. Feel free to call us at 818 981-4226x130 or 818 919-8547 or email us at expert@wzwlh.com or bluna@wzwlh.com. Our firm’s website is www.wzwlh.com.