Wendy Kramer

Virtual Mediations

I am available for Virtual Mediations using the Zoom platform.  The Zoom mediations that I have conducted thus far have yielded remarkable results.  I am very impressed with the technology and it has “virtually” the same feeling as if we were all physically present.  In some ways, it seems even preferable as many folks have simply attended in the comfort of their own homes.  This makes it surprisingly easy to develop the rapport and trust necessary to have a successful mediation.  

Contact: wkramer@adrservices.com for any questions or to begin the scheduling process.

How do Members Access it (website, phone, app, etc.)

Once a participant logs in, I create breakout rooms and our conversations are completely private and confidential.  If a participant does not have access to a computer or phone with a camera, they can simply call in and participate in that way as well.

Be well and I hope to see you virtually or in person soon!