Legislator Contact Teams: Local Outreach to Legislators by Consumer Attorneys Members

Talking directly to a legislator about your experience in the civil justice system is an effective way to influence the legislative process.  In cooperation with Consumer Attorneys of California, our Legislator Contact Teams comprised of local attorneys are in each legislative district to personally deliver our message to the decision makers.

By joining a Team, you are able to help build a close working relationship with a member of the State Senate or State Assembly or Congress.  Team members meet locally with their legislator on a regular basis in the district to discuss important issues.  When key bills are up for a vote, Team members contact their legislator to urge them to support the rights of consumers.

This program has been highly successful in creating a warm relationship between legislators and our individual members.  Legislators feel comfortable with our members and call on them for advice when considering important issues.  The efforts of our local teams greatly support the work of our Consumer Attorneys of California legislative advocates in Sacramento.

If you would like to participate in meetings with legislators or join a legislator contact team, contact Mark Wirth at markwirth1@aol.com or (909) 794-7091.

To find out who are your representatives in the state Assembly and state Senate, go to Find Your Legislator.