Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Member of the Month - David Youssefyeh

Youssefyeh practices in Century City. He opened his office and became a CAALA member in 2005, 12 years after passing the bar.

Prior to that he and his wife lived in Silicon Valley where he worked in business and for an entertainment technology firm.

Jossen practices in Manhattan Beach. He's been a CAALA member since 1994.

According to Lenore, David Youssefyeh made a court appearance in Burbank for her, attending a Post Mediation Status Conference. It went well.

Youssefyeh says it was the first time he had ever been to the Burbank Court House. He even needed to look up the address.

Jossen helped Lenore draft a declaration which he then signed under penalty of perjury. It was filed in court in support of her when she had to oppose an Order To Show Cause why she should not be sanctioned and disqualified from the case.

Lenore recounts how David explained to the court how the defendants did not use good faith in setting the mediation and that Lenore was forced to attend by phone from the Intensive Care Unit where she was tending to her mother. He kept the issue open whether the court should sanction the defendant by making them pay for the entire mediation.

Albert said that Sanford did a great job of showing the judge that she did everything she could to get a real mediation to occur, that she was in constant communication with the proposed mediators and opposing counsel, but that the defendants refused to cooperate or even communicate with the proposed mediators. Sanford showed the court that she handled herself professionally all of the time.

The judge discharged the OSC at the hearing after reading everything submitted.

Albert was later able to secure a favorable result when the defendants agreed to settle for a six figure amount. Her mother is also doing much better, and is on the road to recovery.

I don't know what I would have done without the support of David and Sanford, says Albert.They got nothing out of this other than to help a fellow trial lawyer who had nowhere else to turn. They didn't do this to promote themselves.

Knowing that trial lawyers are often supportive of their fellow attorneys, it's not surprising that Youssefyeh and Jossen went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a fellow attorney.

What is surprising is that Lenore Albert has never met either of the two attorneys who literally stood up for her.

She had only come to know them through the List Serve.

Youssefyeh says that while it was a little unusual that he had never met Lenore, what he did for her was nothing different than what any trial lawyer would do for another plaintiffs attorney. That's just the way we are, he said.

Each month, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles recognizes members whose actions both personally and professionally best represent the Association.

The actions of David and Sanford were selfless and were true acts of generosity on the part of consumer attorneys. Both personally and professionally, they represent the best values of consumer attorneys.

Because of what they did on behalf of a member in need; a member neither of them had ever met, Afshin David Youssefyeh and Sanford Jossen are recognized as Consumer Attorney Members of the Month.