Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Lenore Albert?Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

One common trait of most plaintiffs? attorneys is that they are generous toward each other.

Many members of Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles have personal stories about how a fellow trial lawyer gave them advice or suggestions early in their career. It?s not unusual for one attorney to drop what he or she is doing to help another one.

They are especially willing to support their brother and sister attorneys in times of need.

This is seen every day by members of the CAALA List Serve.

More than 800 Consumer Attorney members participate in the List Serve, the dedicated e-mail system that allows members to communicate with each other in a safe and secure fashion. Hundreds of times each day, members reach out to each other asking questions about legal issues that pertain to specific cases and points of law.

Members of the List Serv have formed a unique community of consumer attorneys who take pride in being there for each other.

Lenore Albert is one of those CAALA members, and a regular contributor to the List Serve. Her practice is in Huntington Beach.

Earlier this year, Lenore learned first-hand just how giving and generous trial lawyers can be.

Lenore had a difficult slip and fall case involving an 84-year old woman who had never been in a lawsuit in her life. Albert won a reversal of summary judgment and it was remitted back to state trial court.

At that time, Lenore's own mother become seriously ill, and Lenore had no choice but to spend all of her time caring for her mom.

The defendants attempted to take advantage of Albert?s situation. They delayed the mediation until after Lenore was forced to spend all of her time in a hospital Intensive Care Unit with her mother.

Albert needed help, and went to the only group she knew she could count on the CAALA List Serve. Several List Serve members responded, but two really came to her rescue--Afshin David Youssefyeh and Sanford Jossen.