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Scott Glovsky?Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

For someone who started his legal career on the "dark side," Scott Glovsky has an awfully big heart.

Along with his partner Sharon Arkin, Glovsky is a principal in the Pasadena firm of Arkin & Glovsky.

They have been partners for nearly two years and their practice emphasizes insurance bad faith, catastrophic personal injury, employment and health-related litigation.

Scott grew up in the San Fernando Valley and received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He went to the east coast for law school, earning his J.D. from Cornell Law School.

Following his graduation, Scott returned home, and for five years worked for two prominent Southern California law firms, Adams, Duque and Hazeltine and the firm of Crosby, Heafey, Roach and May.

Both were large, established firms that primarily did defense work; and although the compensation was good, Glovsky soon realized that the work wasn?t.

"During those five years, I was able to pay off my law school loans," Glovsky said, "but I quickly realized that my heart was not in defending insurance companies.?

Glovsky?s heart was in representing people, and that?s what he?s been doing since opening his own practice in 1999.

One of his main missions has been to fight insurance companies that are withholding benefits from their policyholders. The firm fights health insurers, life insurers, disability insurers, property insurers and liability insurers.

"If your heart isn?t in what you are doing, and you don?t believe in your clients, you can?t do your best,? he says.

Doing his best has resulted in Glovsky litigating many cases to successful verdicts, and he has obtained seven and eight figure settlements for his clients.

Many of Glovsky?s cases have received media attention.

His cases have been profiled in the print and broadcast media, including the Los Angeles Times, CNN, NBC News, CBS news, ABC News and various other television and radio outlets.

One of them has reached a far wider national audience.

In 2006, Glovsky won a breach of contract verdict against Blue Shield on behalf of his client, Maria Watanabe. Maria?s HMO had denied her access to specialists and diagnostic tests that would have revealed a brain tumor, and as a result she suffered permanent damage to her optic nerve.

Her story caught the attention of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, and the case appears in Moore?s movie ?SiCKO,? the director?s scathing portrayal of the pitfalls of the U.S. healthcare system.

According to Glovsky, Maria?s case reflects systemic problems facing thousands of Americans every day in getting their health insurance companies to authorize proper care.

"Unfortunately, health insurance companies continue to place profits over people and deny medically necessary care for corporate greed," says Glovsky.

Prior to the release of the movie, Glovsky suggested to Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles that a special screening of the film be held for CAALA members. He helped coordinate the details, and the private screening took place three days after the film opened. More than 200 Consumer Attorneys were in the theater to see the documentary. The audience also heard from Glovsky and fellow Consumer Attorneys Heather McKeon and Ken Sigelman and their clients; all of whom appeared in the film.

Like most Consumer Attorneys, Glovsky cares deeply about the clients that he represents.

When preparing for a trial, he believes it is important to learn as much as he can about his clients. He even makes it a practice to spend a night at his client?s home to learn for himself who they are and how they live.

?If you truly know who your client is, you will be able to communicate that to the jury,? Glovsky says.

Scott also says he is honored to be a trial lawyer.

"If you trust yourself, believe in what you do and are passionate about getting justice for your clients, you can?t ask for more in your life," Glovsky says.

Glovsky?s mentor is famed Wyoming Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence and. this summer he spent a month with Spence and his Trial Lawyers College.

Scott is also a Charter Fellow of the American Academy of Trial Counsel, a legal honorary comprised of lawyers who have exhibited accomplishment in litigation and trial work, and have superior ethical reputations.

He has been a featured speaker for various attorney organizations, consumer advocacy groups and physician organizations, and has published numerous articles.

Glovksy and his family live in Claremont where he tries to begin every day with a 5:30 a.m. trail run that he says relaxes him and helps him prepare for the stress of the day.

Because of his passionate commitment to securing justice for people who have been harmed, cheated or abused by insurance companies, Scott Glovsky is recognized as the Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month.

--Stuart Zanville