Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Bruce Traney —Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

Bruce Traney specializes in workers’ comp cases and practices in Sherman Oaks. He’s been a CAALA member since 1999.

Last December, Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez asked readers to send him their “horror stories involving the workers’ compensation mess Gov. Schwarzenegger claims to have fixed.” Bruce Traney was one of those Lopez readers who responded, and was quoted in a subsequent Lopez column that “If you’re a worker in California and get hurt in the next year, you’re not going to be a happy person. You’ll be flotsam thrown to the curb.”

When trial lawyers faced the threat of a fee cap initiative earlier this year, Traney was a CAALA member who quietly stepped up and took action.

He attended every CAALA Town Hall meeting over several months to help educate members about the impending danger of the fee cap initiative. He also took an active role in recruiting CAALA members on the listserv to get involved in the initiative fight, both financially and with their time. You knew it was an email from Traney when it began, “We have 264 days until the election.”

“Bruce Traney is a regular person who stepped up and kept us focused during the time that we were facing that very serious initiative,” said John Torjesen. “He really pulled our ass out of the fire, and he did it quietly and behind the scenes. When he called members, they listened to what he had to say.”

Future issues of the Advocate will report on the recipients of the Presidential citations honoring members of the month, so that you can learn more about your fellow unsung heroes.