Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Karl W. Schoth —Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

More than a year ago, the leadership of CAALA and CAOC began working to develop and implement programs to allow members to make speeches in their communities telling people who trial lawyers are, what they do and what they believe in. A speaker’s bureau was one of the first tactics proposed.

The strategy was simple. Consumer attorneys are the best messengers to deliver positive messages about themselves and their brother and sister attorneys.

While CAALA and CAOC labored to roll out a speaker’s program, Karl Schoth didn’t wait.

He took it upon himself to develop and implement a one-man speaker’s bureau in the San Gabriel Valley.

Schoth contacted various organizations in his community and found that the members were very receptive to hearing one of their neighbors speak about the civil justice system and consumer attorneys.

“Most of the people I met were quite surprised to hear that I was a “trial lawyer,” the affable Schoth said. “I really believe that I have been able to change people’s perceptions about us, one speech at a time.”

Schoth has also spoken to many CAALA and CAOC members, sharing with them his personal experiences speaking to local service clubs and associations. He freely gives of his time to offer suggestions and techniques to other CAOC and CAALA members about how best to make a connection in their local communities.

It’s because of these activities that he has been recognized as CAALA’s Member of the Month for February.

“Karl represents the best attributes of our members,” said CAALA President Steve Glickman. “Not only has he shown personal persistence and initiative, but he’s always available to help other trial lawyers with their own speaking appearances.”

Schoth said that he has been pleasantly surprised by how he is received at the local service clubs and chambers of commerce. “They are genuinely interested in learning more about me and the work that consumer attorneys do every day,” Schoth said.

His law practice is in Glendora, and most of his speaking engagements have been in the San Gabriel Valley. His practice includes all areas of personal injury and he is well prepared to answer the myriad of questions he usually gets about all aspects of the civil justice system.

Schoth graduated from Southwestern Law School in 1983 and passed the bar in 1984. He joined CAALA in 1987 but he possesses career experience that makes him unique among CAALA members.

Before attending law school he attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. That’s unusual in itself for a Southern Californian.

But, before and throughout college, he had professional experience that was quite a bit different from the typical Southern California consumer attorney.

While many CAALA members have tried to “hook” a big fish, Schoth actually has. More than one. Boatloads of them.

For several years, he worked in the Canadian commercial salmon fishing industry; first as a deckhand, then as an engineer and eventually as captain of salmon collector boats plying the cold waters off the rugged Vancouver coast.

CAALA is pleased to recognize Karl Schoth, a one-of-a-kind consumer attorney and CAALA’s Member of the Month for February.