Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Leta Schlosser —Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

In his book “David Ball on Damages,” the nationally known jury and trial consultant talks about what trial lawyers need to do to show that they are exceptions to the negative stereotypes of their profession.

Ball says that trial lawyers, should show that they are dedicated to helping people. “This is honest for you to do, because this is the impulse that led you to do plaintiffs’ work instead of any of the myriad of other fields of law, almost all easier and more lucrative.”

Ball’s recommendation describes Consumer Attorneys member Leta Schlosser well. She has always been dedicated to helping people. But Schlosser has also been able to combine the traits Ball espouses with one of her personal passions—politics.

Schlosser is a sole practitioner who practices in the San Fernando Valley and has been a member of CAALA only since 2004, more than 25 years after she began her practice.

For much of that time she was immersed in the famed Wollersheim v. Scientology court case, working as an associate of the plaintiff Larry Wollersheim, an ex-Scientologist who sued the Church for severe emotional distress based on its brainwashing of him, and won. Schlosser is credited as helping to spearhead the litigation efforts against the Church and its members during the 1980s.

For years before that, however, she has been passionate about politics, going back to her upbringing in a political family in New Jersey.

She has been actively involved with the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) for more than 34 years.

The National Women's Political Caucus is a multicultural, intergenerational, and multi-issue grassroots organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the political process and creating a true women’s political power base to achieve equality for all women. Schlosser has served as president of the San Fernando Valley and Downtown Los Angeles chapters, two times each.

Since joining Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, Schlosser has been a regular attendee at Grassroots Legislative committee meetings and an active participant in the
political activities of the Association.

She rarely misses a committee meeting and has volunteered for phone banks and for field operations work for candidates. One of her primary interests, however, has been to volunteer as an election day legal advisor for California and Congressional candidates such as Betty Karnette, Adam Schiff and others.

She has also been an active participant in the Protect the Vote program that protects voters’ rights and ensures that the public has the right to vote in an election.

Schlosser is extremely interested in promoting election integrity.

In the November mid-term elections, Schlosser spent nearly a week as a volunteer attorney advisor in Orange County’s 34th District state Senate race between Republican Lynn Daucher and Democrat Lou Correa.

The election was projected to be very close and when the returns came in, barely a hundred votes separated the two candidates. Schlosser and other volunteers on behalf of Correa challenged absentee and provisional ballots and ensured that representatives of the Republican candidate were not able to intimidate election workers checking the ballots.

The result was that the ballots were fairly counted and Correa won the election to succeed Joe Dunn in the state Senate.

Because of her commitment to help people and her passion for political fairness and election integrity, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles recognizes Leta Schlosser as its member of the month.

--Stuart Zanville