Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Todd Bloomfield?Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

Many members of Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles support the association by participating in the organization?s committees.

Few members participate more than Todd Bloomfield.

While many CAALA members are hard-pressed to join one of the Association?s committees, Bloomfield has been actively involved in no less than four different committees: Education, Membership, the Political Action Committee (PAC) and Public Relations.

And, when Bloomfield joins a committee, he is never content to be a passive participant.

In his practice, Bloomfield is passionate in his commitment to help people?whether to get fair and just compensation for serious injuries caused by the carelessness of another person or company; to hold corporations accountable for practicing discrimination in the workplace; ensuring that insurance companies deal fairly and honestly with the people that bought their insurance or to help small businesses with disputes that may arise and require legal counsel.

As a CAALA committee member he is passionate about helping his fellow consumer attorneys.

One of Bloomfield?s personal interests is technology, and few members have more knowledge about the latest advances in trial techniques using technology.

Trial Technology
He has willingly given his time and advice to members of the Association?s List Serve who seek help with emerging theories of trial technology. His advice ranges from how to program a cell phone to how to prepare an effective PowerPoint presentation without hiring an expert.

Bloomfield says that he rarely goes to trial now without his laptop and a projector, and he is a big proponent of ?do-it- yourself? technology that is affordable.

?Utilizing the newest technology tools is extremely important for attorneys who are just beginning their practice,? Bloomfield says. I?m very pleased that I can help them understand how to use these valuable tools.

It is no surprise that Bloomfield is a charter member of CAALA?s Technology and Website committees.

Las Vegas Chair

Bloomfield has been a member of the Education committee for many years and this year is his first as an Education Chair of the annual Las Vegas Convention.

As a long-time member of the Membership Committee, he has been instrumental in developing the Association?s member benefits programs.

Bloomfield is relentless in ensuring that the Association provides the best possible benefits to members, especially those benefits that help a member?s practice. He is also committed to providing the types of benefits that would help a typical member, one that often works long hours just to make ends meet.

?While many members of the Association enjoyed great success in the ?80s,? Bloomfield says, ?Today?s members often find themselves working much harder to earn a living. as they help their clients.?

Bloomfield believes that CAALA has a responsibility to provide members with benefits that give them reasons to continue as a member of the Association.

Rice & Bloomfield
Todd is a partner in the Woodland Hills firm of Rice & Bloomfield, with a general civil practice that focuses on the fields of personal injury and business litigation.

He met his partner Linda Fermoyle Rice in 1998 when he moved his office into Rice?s suite, and four years later they formed their firm.

He graduated from UCLA in 1988 cum laude, with a degree in Business/Economics. He then attended the University of Southern California Law Center, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree in 1991.

Upon completion of law school he was hired as a Federal Court Judicial Law Clerk for the Honorable Howard D. McKibben in Reno, Nevada.

In addition to the usual benefits derived from a Federal clerkship, Bloomfield received a long-term benefit when he was fortunate enough to meet his future wife Tammy while serving his clerkship. The two have two young children.

Tammy Bloomfield is an attorney for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has the distinction of being the FBI?s first non-agent field attorney.

When Bloomfield isn?t working or supporting CAALA, he enjoys spending time with his children, whether it?s soccer, T-ball or visiting his daughter?s classroom to tell her fellow students what it?s like to be an attorney.

Todd began his practice in 1993 and has been a member of Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles ever since.

He attributes much of his success to two senior attorneys who helped him early in his career.

?The support of Keith Krupka and the late Steven Marks was very important to me early in my career,? Bloomfield said.

Many current CAALA members who enjoy the benefits provided by the Association or have developed an understanding of technology can say the same thing about Todd Bloomfield.

Because of his commitment to the best ideals of Consumer Attorneys, Todd Bloomfield has been awarded the Presidential Certificate of Merit, recognizing him as Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles Member of the Month.

--Stuart Zanville