Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Frank Ariel —Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

Frank Ariel Stands Up For a Client Against an Insurance Company

Most of CAALA’s members don’t like to be told what to do. Especially when it has to do with their clients and especially when the person doing the “telling” is an insurance adjuster.

CAALA member Frank Ariel is no exception, but because of his passionate beliefs and his actions in one case against Allstate insurance, he is being recognized as CAALA’s Member of the Month..

Ariel was born in Iran, and after the fundamentalist revolution in that country, he says that he and his family “escaped religious bigotry and intolerance and immigrated to the United States in pursuit of the American dream.”

While finishing college, he decided to pursue a legal career; one that, according to Ariel, “Would allow me to be a voice for my people and my community in the United States.”

He attended Whittier College School of Law and graduated in two and one-half years. While in law school he clerked both for a Los Angeles personal injury law firm, and for the Los Angeles Superior Court in Glendale. At the Court, he worked on the law and motion calendar and was in charge of researching and issuing tentatives on the motions, proving to be an asset to the Court.

After graduating he started practicing from a small office in Century City.

Fifteen years later his small practice has become Ariel Law Group in West Los Angeles where he and his staff represent the public in personal injury and other tort cases.

He still believes in hard and effortless work and still believes in “representing the under-represented class and the immigrants.”

Like many CAALA members, Frank says his goal is to “achieve the highest possible results for his clients through aggressive and competent legal representation.” He adds that “My mission is the ever-present pursuit of justice for those who come to me in their time of need.”

But a recent case of Ariel’s shows how he truly stands up on behalf of his clients.

Ariel represented an elderly woman who suffered soft tissue injuries in a relatively low impact side hit traffic accident.

The woman had previously suffered a stroke, and because she was partially paralyzed, she could not brace herself at the time of impact. As a result, she was “tossed like a leaf in the wind” when the car she was a passenger in was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light.

Ariel’s case against Allstate wasn’t an easy one.

He says that they initially offered less than the Emergency Room bill and didn’t increase their offer to $5,000 until just before trial.

“Because the impact wasn’t that great, Allstate did not believe that I would try the case,”
said Ariel.

But it was something that the Allstate adjuster said to Ariel that made him realize this was a case that wasn’t about the money but was about pursuing justice for his client.

It was when the adjuster told Ariel “what to do,” that he realized this wasn’t just another disputed liability limited Jdx case in an Inglewood court.

“The adjuster told me “It’s not worth your while,” remembers Ariel.

He said that I should “look at the time and money you’ll spend in the case and that I must have bigger cases to worry about.”

Ariel says that what the adjuster said really made him angry.

“Sometimes, getting justice means spending more than you get back, just so that you can show the insurance company that a jury believed they are in the wrong and you are right.”

And that’s exactly what happened in the trial.

Ariel thoroughly discredited the insurance carrier’s expert witness who said in court that he had testified as an expert more than 10,000 times. He even got the judge to rule that the so-called expert could not render an opinion on injuries to this particular client in this particular accident.

When the jury decided in favor of the plaintiff, the amount of the verdict was less than $10,000. But for Frank Ariel it truly wasn’t about the money, it was about justice.

Because of his determination not to let an insurance company tell him what to do, Ariel is CAALA’s Member of the Month.

“I hope that in the future insurance companies will find that more and more consumer attorneys are getting angry and standing up against them to pursue justice for our clients,” said Ariel.

Stuart Zanville