Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month

Each month, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles honors one of its members as Consumer Attorneys Member of the Month. The honor gives the Association the opportunity to tell the stories of typical members who might not otherwise be known to other members of the organization. The award is given to honor members who represent the best attributes of Consumer Attorneys in both their personal and professional lives.

The recipient is honored at a meeting of the Board of Governors, receiving a commemorative plaque and accolades from his or her fellow Consumer Attorneys. An article also appears in the Advocate magazine.

If you are aware of a member that you believe is deserving of the honor, please contact Stuart Zanville in the CAALA office.

Following are the Consumer Attorneys who have been honored as Member of the Month. Click on the member's name to read their profile and to understand why they were selected.

David Arbogast
Frank Ariel
Thomas P. Beck
Todd Bloomfield
John Blumberg
Roger Booth
Fran Campbell
Robert Conaway
David deRubertis
Jeffrey Ehrlich
Nancy Fraser
Scott Glovsky
Carol Hamilton
Sanford Jossen
Eric Kingsley
Marvin Lanter
Teri Lim
Jim Osborne
R. Rex Parris
Jeff Rudman
Leonard Sansanowicz
Leta Schlosser
Karl Schoth
Jennifer Terando
Bob Tessier
Bruce Traney
Ronnivashti Whitehead
David Youssefyeh