3/3/2003: A Second Opinion on the Malpractice Plague 
Way back in 1975, Politicians responded with a landmark law that capped pain-and-suffering payouts to victims at $250,000. Now, President George W. Bush is calling for legislation that would impose a California-like cap on malpractice awards nationwide. But do caps on awards really keep doctors` insurance premiums down?

1/30/2003: Compassion Would Stop at $250,000
Companies that write medical malpractice insurance have renewed their efforts to create a crisis and get legislation to limit their losses. In other states, premiums have been jacked up for two reasons: excessive awards for pain and suffering or bad performance by the companies` investments.

2/18/2003: Doctors have put a cap on the truth
The demonstrating doctors have been playing a catchy but monotonous and thoroughly misleading tune about malpractice.

7/7/2000: Mandatory Arbitration
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1/1/2003: Medical Malpractice Fact Sheet 
7 Facts about Medical Malpractice

1/29/2003: Speaking Out on Medical "Reforms" 
To hear Bushites fret about the burgeoning healthcare mess, rising prices and unaffordable health costs are the fault of those nasty trial lawyers who just coincidentally support the Democratic Party with hefty financial contributions.