&up_date=08/11/2008 &booths=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122xxx --------------------- $$115 %%A.B. Data, Ltd. %%Class Action Administration %%4057 North Wilson Drive %%Milwaukee, WI 53211 %%(414) 963-6440 %%(414) 963-7950 %% %%Founded in 1980, A.B. Data is a leading provider of notice administration, claims processing and settlement fund distribution. With several experienced class action attorneys on staff at A.B. Data, our clients can focus on litigating their cases secure in the knowledge that the administration is being conducted effectively and affordably. %%Exhibitor %%Victoria Waciura, Esq., Stacey Fishbein, Esq. %%%% $$72 %%Accident Reconstruction Specialists (Field & Test Engineering) %%Accident Reconstruction/Traffic Engineering %%4510 Pacific Coast Highway, #200 %%Long Beach, CA 90804 %%(800) 675-7667 %%(562) 494-7667 %%www.FieldAndTestEngineering.com %%Field & Test Engineering, more commonly known as Accident Reconstruction Specialists, is an engineering accident reconstruction firm that provides a well rounded scope of services including Traffic Engineering, Accurate 3D Modeling Site Surveys, and Computer-Aided Reconstruction and Animations using the latest software, bringing you the best and most technologically advanced forensic services. %%Sponsor %%Robert Douglas, PE, Daniel Simacek, Samuel Terry, Carlie Peisley, Leonard Lacaze, Daniel Gray %%%% $$35 %%ADR Services, Inc. %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%1900 Avenue of the Stars, #250 %%Los Angeles, CA 90067 %%(310) 201-0010 %%(310) 201-0016 %%www.adrservices.org %%ADR Services, Inc. is California's fastest growing, most celebrated alternative dispute resolution provider, with offices in Century City, Downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Orange County. With expert neutrals at convenient locations, reasonable rates and low administrations fees, ADR Services, Inc. is your ideal ADR provider. %%Sponsor %%Lucie Barron, Jessica Stock, Ralph Williams III, Hon. Michael Marcus, Hon. Patricia Collins, Linda Bulmash, Hon. Dennis Choate, Caroline Vincent, Esq. %%%% $$108 %%Advance Litigation Service, LLC %%Wage & Hour Litigation %%1045 East Valley Blvd., #A215 %%San Gabriel, CA 91776 %%(213) 210-8802 %%(213) 403-6581 %% %%Advance Litigation Service, LLC is engaged in providing litigation support services. It specializes in converting wage and hour documents, such as time cards, paychecks, etc., into spreadsheets for counsel's analysis. %%Exhibitor %%Joel Bander, Sayeh Abghart, Cathe Caraway-Howard, Victoria Cordoro %%%% $$114 %%Advocate Capital, Inc. %%Financial %%111 Westwood Place, #300 %%Brentwood, TN 37027 %%(615) 377-6872 %%(615) 377-9212 %% %%Advocate Capital, Inc.'s Case Expense Funding Product Can Turn Your Case Expenses Into Cash?, at almost no cost to your firm. Advocate Capital, Inc.'s Working Capital Line of Credit features rates well below other lenders. Combining both products gives Advocate Capital, Inc.'s clients the maximum flexibility at effective interest rates that can easily beat local banks! %%Exhibitor %%Joy-Marie Kaler %%%% $$3 %%AlderLaw, P.C. %%Law Firm %%9308 Civic Center Drive %%Beverly Hills, CA 90210 %%(310) 275-9131 %%(310) 275-9132 %%www.alderlaw.com %%A law firm accepting referrals from other lawyers. %%Sponsor %%David Reinard, Lucy Nanez, Sally Berumen, Stephanie Correa, Mike Alder %%%% $$79 %%Alternative Resolution Centers (ARC) %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%1875 Century Park East, #450 %%Los Angeles, CA 90067 %%(310) 284-8224 %%(310) 284-8229 %% %%This year ARC is celebrating our 20th anniversary making us one of the longest standing companies in the field of dispute resolution. ARC offers outstanding jurists, excellent customer service, cost effective prices and reliable case coordination. Recently we have had five of our neutrals named in the Daily Journal's "Top 30 Neutrals" throughout California. Also the Hollywood Reporter, Esq., recognized four of our panelists as "Power Mediators" this year. %%Exhibitor %%Nicole Bethurum, Steven Davis %%%% $$52 %%Amicus Capital Services, LLC %%Financial Services %%25876 The Old Road, #340 %%Valencia, CA 91381 %%(661) 263-0030 %%(661) 263-2319 %% %%Amicus Capital provides loans and specialty financial products to trial lawyers exclusively. As the pioneers of legal finance we offer comprehensive consulting and revolving lines of credit to law firms throughout the country. %%Exhibitor %%Bill Tilley, TBD %%%% $$60 %%Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters %%Court Reporting %%500 North Brand Blvd., 3rd Floor %%Glendale, CA 91203 %%(800) 288-3376 %%(800) 925-5910 %% %%Atkinson-Baker Court Reporting is dedicated to providing the most efficient and comprehensive service for all court reporting needs nationwide. We utilize our experience in the industry, our skill, imagination and the latest technology to achieve the highest quality service and work product. CAALA Special Rates: 800-288-3376 ? www.depo.com %%Exhibitor %%Andrea Gale, Myriam Wunder %%%% $$65 %%Atrium Psychological Group %%Expert Witness/Civil Litigation %%11500 Olympic Blvd., #580 %%Los Angeles, CA 90064 %%(866) 486-0991 %%(310) 966-9215 %% %%Atrium Psychological provides a broad range of forensic psychiatric, psychological and neuropsychological expertise at competitive rates. Attorneys benefit from complimentary in-depth initial case consultation, as well as cost estimates for the cases as a whole and for the discrete components of our expert's work. %%Exhibitor %%Marden Nochez, David Gypes, Stuart Pearson, TBD %%%% $$16 %%Attorneys Online, Inc. %%Law Firm Marketing %%33175 Temecula Parkway, #A-622 %%Temecula, CA 92592 %%(800) 221-8424 %%(951) 346-9448 %% %%Attorneys Online is a full-service Business Development and Advertising Agency exclusively for the legal profession. From creating websites and BLOGS to writing eNewsletters and designing print campaigns to top listings on major search engines, Attorneys Online keeps our clients ahead of the marketing curve. %%Exhibitor %%Cheney Winslow, Amanda Snowden %%%% $$57 %%Balian & Associates %%Retail Premises %%6520 Platt Avenue, #807 %%West Hills, CA 91307 %%(818) 702-0025 %%(818) 702-0439 %%www.balian-and-associates.com %%Provides consulting and expert testimony in all areas of retail store operation including, but not limited to, supermarkets, general stores, restaurants and specialty stores. Areas of testimony and consulting include, but not limited to, personal injury, maintenance, security, merchandising procedures and general business activities in the retail environment. %%Sponsor %%Alex Balian, Carolyn Balian, Scott Balian, Chris Balian, Janine Balian %%%% $$46 %%Barry A. Cane & Associates %%Insurance %%240 Lombard Street, #100 %%Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 %%(805) 496-5537 %%(805) 496-5598 %% %%We provide long term care insurance for the legal community. %%Exhibitor %%Barry Cane, Melodee Cane %%%% $$58 %%British Custom Tailors & Shirt Makers %%Custom Tailors %%318 Washington Street %%Wellesley Hills, MA 2481 %%(781) 237-8448 %%(781) 239-0130 %% %%We are makers of the finest custom-made clothing for MEN & WOMEN since 1950, and carry the finest fabrics from well-known mills from ENGLAND & ITALY. We pride ourselves for creating HAND-MADE Suits, Shirts, Top coats, Ladies Suits and more. We make Office/House calls also (our reps. travel in North & South America, Europe, Japan on regular basis). Call 866-UK-SUITS or (781) 237-8448. Email: info@britishtailors.com. %%Exhibitor %%Michael Narwani, Harry Narwani %%%% $$106 %%Buena Vista Pharmacy %%Pharmacy %%23679 Calabasas Road, #800 %%Calabasas, CA 91302 %%(800) 583-0058 %%(800) 921-4811 %% %%Buena Vista is a mail order pharmacy serving workers' comp and personal injury claimants on a lien basis, throughout California and Nevada. %%Exhibitor %%Ronald Karsch, Jeffrey Gaines, Christine Bicocchi %%%% $$89 %%California Attorney Lending %%Financial/Attorney Lending %%6400 Main Street, #120 %%Williamsville, NY 14221 %%(866) 522-0216 %%(716) 210-1059 %%www.calattylending.com %%California Attorney Lending provides litigators with flexible revolving credit lines up to $25 million using the value of your contingent cases as collateral. Today, we are the largest provider of attorney funding in the United States and the only Law Firm Financing company endorsed by AAJ (formerly ATLA). %%Sponsor %%Paul Cody, Joseph DiNardo, Esq., Hon. Joseph Mattina (Ret.) %%%% $$97 %%Centurion Mediation %%Mediation Services %%12405 Venice Blvd., #351 %%Los Angeles, CA 90066 %%(310) 242-6740 %%(310) 390-8757 %% %%Mediation services provider, specializing in mediation of litigated civil law cases and related neutral services. %%Exhibitor %%Mary O'Neil, Elizabeth Moreno %%%% $$37 %%Chad Weinstein-Gold, Structured Settlements %%Structured Settlements %%12121 Wilshire Blvd., #600 %%Los Angeles, CA 90025 %%(310) 481-6035 %%(310) 481-6036 %% %%Chad Weinstein-Gold has been serving the California plaintiffs bar for ten years. Mr. Weinstein-Gold is pleased to continue to support CAALA and its members providing structured settlement and annuity products for plaintiffs and attorneys. Mr. Weinstein-Gold proudly works with many of the leading plaintiff attorneys throughout California. %%Sponsor %%Chad Weinstein-Gold, TBD %%%% $$91 %%Consolidated Consultants Co. %%Expert Witness Services %%289 Church Avenue %%Chula Vista, CA 91910 %%(619) 422-5559 %%(619) 422-8101 %% %%Consolidated Consultants provides free nationwide referrals of expert witnesses and medical expert witnesses in all disciplines. This is a free service as the expert witnesses pay our fee. You can view full CV's on-line at www.freereferral.com. %%Exhibitor %%Steve Van Rickley, Anaceli Van Rickley %%%% $$96 %%Continuity Care Home Nurses %%Home Health Agency %%12722 Riverside Drive, #108 %%North Hollywood, CA 91607 %%(818) 753-5106 %%(818) 753-0103 %% %%Full service licensed insured & bonded home health agency. Catastrophic claims - Quadriplegics, Paraplegics, Brain injured adults. Private duty nursing (RNs, LVNs, CNAs) from 4-24 hours/day. Intermittent visits - P.T., O.T., S.T. Bills Workers' Compensation, provide insurance, long term care insurance services all of Southern California. %%Exhibitor %%Donna Davidge, Mary Sawoski %%%% $$78 %%Credit Damage Associates %%Expert Witness Services %%11006 Oso Avenue %%Chatsworth, CA 91311 %%(818) 667-6751 %%(818) 993-8138 %% %%Expert witness services highlighting credit damage measurement expert Georg Finder. %%Exhibitor %%Marvin Schaffer, Georg Finder %%%% $$70 %%C.S.C. Anatomy Arts %%Medical Exhibits %%4018 Defender Drive %%Agoura, CA 91301 %%(818) 991-2000 %%(818) 991-2000 %% %%Our expertise is medical cases. We engage and educate the jury about medical facts of the case. We illustrate this simply and clearly without being overwhelming or confusing. We turn your client?s injuries into a dynamic, educational exhibit. We have put our medical, technical and artistic expertise to work since 1980. %%Exhibitor %%Cathy Crum, Gene Crum %%%% $$101 %%D&A Consultants, Inc. %%Expert Witness/Accident Reconstruction %%6125 East Indian School, #2000 %%Scottsdale, AZ 85251 %%(888) 277-1979 %%(480) 222-0680 %% %%Commercial vehicle accident investigations and expert witness services, consulting on truck driver actions, reactions, responsibilities, qualifications, training, compliance. Safety lecturing on the trucking industry. %%Exhibitor %%James Acock, Susan Acock %%%% $$111 %%Daily Journal Corporation %%Newspaper Publication %%915 East First Street %%Los Angeles, CA 90012 %%(213) 229-5300 %%(213) 229-5481 %% %%Daily Journal: California's largest legal provider. %%Exhibitor %%Maryjoe Sandoval, Ellen Ireland %%%% $$85 %%DataChasers, Inc. %%Computer Forensics/Electronic Discovery %%6993 Randwick Drive %%Riverside, CA 92506 %%(951) 780-7892 %%(951) 789-6889 %% %%Hard drive imaging. Restore hidden, deleted or lost files, images and data. File dates (when created/modified/deleted). Internet history tracking. E-mail recovery. Expert witness and litigation support for intellectual property, family law, and all computer-use cases. Full-service computer laboratory. Prior law enforcement. IACIS, HTCN, EnCE, ACFS, et al certified. %%Exhibitor %%Rick Albee, Mary Albee %%%% $$90 %%Dental Injury Center %%Dental Injury %%7614 Santa Monica Blvd. %%West Hollywood, CA 90046 %%(323) 251-7999 %%(323) 650-9669 %% %%Yury Geylikman, DMD; PhD; DABFD - Dental Injury Center. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive dental services on lien basis. Accident/Personal Injury/Worker Compensation/ Dental Trauma Treatment: Periodontics, Restorations, Cosmetics Dentistry, Crown & Bridges, Dentures, Endodontic, Dental Surgery, Implants & Braces. Locations in Los Angeles County - West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank, East LA, Lancaster, Palmdale. %%Exhibitor %%Anna Dosik, Dora Gracia %%%% $$68 %%Diversified Dispute Resolution %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%8383 Wilshire Blvd, #1038 %%Beverly Hills, CA 90211 %%(323) 655-1133 %%(323) 655-0441 %% %%Diversified Dispute Resolution is dedicated to an efficient and reasonable resolution of litigation as well as non litigated cases. Our cross-cultural approach to mediation is especially suited for the multi-cultural society in Southern California. Mark K. Ameli, Attorney at Law, Mediator and Arbitrator, has mediated or arbitrated hundreds of cases. His Iranian American heritage makes him especially effective in the resolution of multi-cultural disputes. %%Exhibitor %%Mark Ameli, Guity Javid, Steve Zand, Maryam Zand %%%% $$59 %%DK Global, Inc. %%Litigation Support Services %%420 Missouri Court %%Redlands, CA 92373 %%(909) 747-0201 %%(909) 747-0202 %% %%DK Global, Inc. - Animation, Courtroom Graphics, Trial Presentations, Litigation Support Services. Dynamic presentations and custom graphics designed specifically for your case. %%Exhibitor %%Michael Caldwell, Joshua Henderson %%%% $$1,2 %%Doctors on Liens, Inc. %%Liens/Medical/Doctors Network %%15233 Ventura Blvd., #1004 %%Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 %%(818) 995-3791 %%(818) 995-3794 %%www.doctorsonliens.com %%Doctors specializing in injury evaluation and treatment throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. Specialties include orthopedic, neurology, internal medicine, chiropractic, plastic surgery, ENT and physical therapy. %%Sponsor %%Samantha Parker, Adam Berman, Geri Ditto, Michelle Conklin, Denise Landroche, Dr. Brian Padveen, Dr. Bridgette Rozenberg %%%% $$53 %%Egloff Insurance Agency %%Insurance %%20635 Ventura Blvd. %%Woodland Hills, CA 91343 %%(818) 992-5744 %%(818) 887-2815 %%www.egloff.com %%Family owned Insurance Agency/Brokerage celebrating 50 years of continuous service to California Law Firms, for all your insurance needs. %%Sponsor %%Crystal Veiga, Debra Mondragon, David Aguirre, Gary Egloff %%%% $$44 %%eJustice %%Legal Marketing %%543 Encinitas Blvd., #111 %%Encinitas, CA 92024 %%(877) 357-8423 %%(760) 274-2356 %% %%eJustice is a leading search engine marketing firm providing website design, search engine optimization, video production, content and hosting services. %%Exhibitor %%Chris Brown, Joel Maloney, Sarah Strause, Peter Lawrence %%%% $$56 %%EPS Settlements Group %%Structured Settlements %%1851 East First Street, #900 %%Santa Ana, CA 92705 %%(714) 619-9366 %%(714) 619-9365 %%www.irenecalderon.com %%EPS Settlements Group is the nation?s oldest structured settlements firm, providing full consulting and back office services to support all settlement needs. EPS has the sought-after settlement specialists who team up with America?s top litigators to secure structured settlements for plaintiffs. We can help you defer personal tax liabilities too. %%Sponsor %%Irene Calderon, Jeff Downs, Chris Calderon, Jane Riley-Pugh, Harold Kaufman, Jill Laird, Len Blonder %%%% $$73 %%Equals & Kita , LLP - CPAs %%Economic Damages %%2516 Via Tejon, #219 %%Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 %%(310) 373-7851 %%(310) 375-7892 %%www.equalskita.com %%Bob Equals and Ron Kita, Certified Public Accountants, provide consulting, audit, and forensic accounting services to attorneys. The firm provides ?expert witness? services and economic damages reports. Cases include loss of wages/earnings, wrongful death, breach of contract, wrongful terminations and false claims in Superior and Federal Courts. %%Sponsor %%Ronald Kita, CPA, Robert Equals, CPA, Safa Egilmez, Kristin Hazelip, Janet Equals %%%% $$67 %%ESQChat.com, Inc. %%Attorney Networking %%P.O. Box 19126 %%Encino, CA 91416 %%(818) 322-0020 %%(818) 457-9664 %%www.esqchat.com %%ESQChat.com is a legal community committed to providing an online meeting place for attorneys to ask questions, learn more about the law, and make new acquaintances. Our mission is to help attorneys be more successful in their practices and open doors to new opportunities in their careers. %%Sponsor %%Theod Simon, Pogos Abdunuryan, Arbi Nazari %%%% $$5 %%Executive Presentations %%Courtroom Presentations %%3345 Wilshire Blvd., #1234 %%Los Angeles, CA 90010 %%(213) 480-1644 %%(213) 480-1838 %%www.epdelivers.com %%Executive Presentations delivers complete trial services, including design consulting & exhibit preparation, digital & interactive presentations (Sanctionil & PowerPoint), as well as video & photography services. Established in 1986 our experience includes working for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in over 5,000 business, entertainment, labor and medical related cases. www.epdelivers.com %%Sponsor %%Rick Kraemer, Anthony Valerio, Garrett Henderson, Judy Galanter, Ursula Jimenez %%%% $$69 %%Fast Funds, Inc. %%Financing %%9132 SW 78th Place %%Miami, FL 33156 %%(305) 598-6430 %%(305) 598-6470 %% %%Pre-settlement funding for claimants and attorneys with the fairest terms in the industry. Never any interest charged. We offer a great tool for qualified claimants and their attorneys by providing financial relief. Every type of personal injury case considered. %%Exhibitor %%Hal Braxton, Bruce Braxton %%%% $$112 %%First Regional Bank %%Financial Services %%7083 Hollywood Blvd., #650 %%Hollywood, CA 91304 %%(323) 298-1776 %%(323) 666-1776 %% %%First Regional Bank is dedicated to providing sophisticated business services while still maintaining a personal "relationship" to meet your professional needs. First Regional has been rated one of the best-managed and well capitalized banks of its size in the country, offering services such as remote deposit, courier and cash management. %%Exhibitor %%Debra Bordeaux, Ofelia Mkrtchian %%%% $$110 %%First Resolution Services, Inc. %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%1901 Avenue of the Stars, #248 %%Los Angeles, CA 90067 %%(310) 461-1520 %%(310) 461-1522 %% %%The premier full-service alternative dispute resolution firm, First Resolution Services (FRS) features an outstanding panel of retired judges and attorney neutrals with subject matter expertise in various areas of law. We provide the highest level of service and case management while keeping our administrative fees extremely competitive. Our hearing facilities are located in Century City, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Woodland Hills, Burbank, Ontario, Torrance, Orange County and San Diego. %%Exhibitor %%Holly, Sean, Michael, Matthew %%%% $$66 %%Fund Capital America %%Litigation Financing/Pre-Settlement Funding %%P.O. Box 79161 %%Los Angeles, CA 90079 %%(310) 424-5176 %%(310) 791-1211 %%www.fundcapitalamerica.com %%Fund Capital America is a specialty finance company, concentrating in litigation funding and attorney financing services. Fund Capital America is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with additional offices nationwide. Fund Capital America has provided tens of millions of dollars of litigation funding for thousands of potential plaintiffs, plaintiffs, and attorneys. In addition to pre- and post-settlement litigation funding, Fund Capital America offers a full suite of attorney-funding services. %%Sponsor %%Nicholas Greenberg, Jennifer Valko, Jake Emrani, John Emrani, TBD %%%% $$116 %%The Garretson Firm Resolution Group %%Lien Resolution Service %%4425 Randolph Road, #450 %%Charlotte, NC 28211 %%(704) 366-8996 %%(704) 366-8994 %% %%The Garretson Firm assists the settlement community by evaluating the settling Parties affirmative obligation and satisfying health care providers' (federal, state and private) interests in personal injury, wrongful death, workers' compensation and mass tort settlements. %%Exhibitor %%Mary Skinner %%%% $$24 %%Girardi | Keese %%Law Firm %%1126 Wilshire Blvd. %%Los Angeles, CA 90017 %%(213) 977-0211 %%(213) 481-1554 %%www.girardikeese.com %%Champions of Justice - Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Their Clients Achieve Justice. %%Sponsor %% %%%% $$120 %%HealthPointe Medical Group, Inc. %%Medical %%1717 East Lincoln Avenue %%Anaheim, CA 92805 %%(888) 795-0555 %%(714) 333-9361 %% %%Orthopedic Multi-Specialty Group with 32 physicians & 10 locations. Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Physical Therapy & Chiropractic. %%Exhibitor %%Stephen Herman, Eileen Herman, Ernest Medina %%%% $$102 %%HG Litigation Services %%Court Reporting/Videographers/Litigation Support %%2041 Rosecrans, #360 %%El Segundo, CA 90245 %%(310) 414-9460 %%(310) 414-8135 %% %%HG Litigation Services is a nationwide one-stop-shop for all deposition needs including court reporting, state-of-the-art videography including digitizing and synchronization, scheduling conference rooms and conference calls, subpoena service, interpreters/translation, free online repository and record retrieval. %%Exhibitor %%Melissa Card, Lisa Goucher %%%% $$31,32 %%High Impact, Inc. %%Medical Exhibits/Structured Settlements %%2 Inverness Drive East, #103 %%Centennial, CO 80112 %%(800) 749-2184 %%(303) 573-7418 %% %%WINNING. IT'S NOT JUST A GOAL, IT'S WHAT WE DO.? Legal Animations & Exhibits, Settlement Documentaries, Medical Experts, Courtroom Support and Structured Settlements. Ask about our FREE Exhibits for Structures Program. %%Exhibitor %%Douglas Arnest, Michelle Mattie, Micah Kohne, Shelley Blas %%%% $$45 %%Hines Reporters %%Court Reporting/Videographers/Interpreters %%888 South Figuera Street, #840 %%Los Angeles, CA 90017 %%(213) 688-7887 %%(213) 688-9636 %% %%Providing Court Reporters, Interpreters, Videographers and Deposition Suites where ever your case takes you. We provide CAALA discounts for all our Nationwide services with an emphasis on professional and personal service! HinesReporters.com - FREE On-Line 24/7 Transcripts & Exhibits fully searchable, printable and downloadable. 213.688.7887 or 866.432.4300. We beat our competitor's rates and service hands down! %%Exhibitor %%Jennifer, Jordan, Darinka, Alana %%%% $$41,50 %%Hospital Experts - Arthur Shorr & Associates %%Expert Witness Services %%4710 Deseret Drive %%Woodland Hills, CA 91364 %%(818) 225-7055 %%(818) 225-7059 %%www.hospitalexperts.com %%Hospital & healthcare administration expert witnesses. Board-certified, CEO?s, senior administrators, chief nursing officers of hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care, assisted living, home health agencies and psych hospitals. Corporate negligence of healthcare facilities. Courtesy consultation. %%Sponsor %%Arthur Shorr, Nancy Shorr, Dorothy Pollock, RN %%%% $$75 %%Injury Institute %%Marketing %%10801 National Blvd., #340 %%Los Angeles, CA 90064 %%(866) 544-6587 %%(310) 943-1752 %% %%Experienced Highly Competent Doctors ? Over 75 Locations Throughout California. %%Exhibitor %%Maritza Anderson, Dr. Julie Stewart, Jennifer Evans, Dr. Carl Rothschild, Dr. Jacklin Meshkanian %%%% $$25 %%Insight Legal Graphics %%Graphics/Animation %%747 North Orange Grove Avenue %%Los Angeles, CA 90046 %%(323) 655-5629 %%(815) 301-9708 %%www.ilgfx.com %%With backgrounds in jury research, psychology and graphic design, our designers have exceptional skill and experience. For trial or mediation, we offer customized presentations ranging from boards to 3D animations. We also offer marketing services, including web and brochure design. Our promise is exceptional quality at unbeatable prices. %%Sponsor %%Naomi Musnicki, Matthew Davis %%%% $$117 %%Interstate Risk Insurance Services %%Insurance %%1800 Sutter Street %%Concord, CA 94520 %%(925) 680-4747 %%(925) 680-4745 %%www.iris-ins.com %%Association Sponsored Legal Malpractice Program. %%Sponsor %%Paul Baldikoski, Emilia Martelli, Dirk Kruidenier %%%% $$62 %%IVAMS %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%8287 White Oak Avenue %%Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 %%(909) 466-1665 %%(909) 466-1796 %% %%IVAMS is a leader in dispute resolution, serving the legal community for over 11 years with offices in Orange County, Pasadena, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino, Palm Desert and San Diego. IVAMS utilizes the service of retired Judges and Attorneys, providing quality service and support to our clients. %%Exhibitor %%Peter Eggertsen, Carmen Rivera, Lorena Lagunas, David Vantil, Hon. Craig Kamansky, Lauren Eggertsen, Carolyn Eggertsen, Hon. Sam Cianchetti, Hon. Michael Kaiser %%%% $$47 %%James Publishing %%Legal Publisher %%3505 Cadillac Avenue, #H %%Costa Mesa, CA 92626 %%(714) 755-2960 %%(714) 549-8835 %% %%The overriding goal at James Publishing is to provide small and mid-sized litigation firms with practical, user-friendly information at a reasonable price. Our books and CD-ROMS are written by top professionals in their respective fields. Our new website, www.PreparedLawyer.com, offers affordable, do-it-yourself evidence for lawyers and law offices. Drop by Booth 47 to peruse the publications and learn more about preparedlawyer.com. %%Exhibitor %%Randie English %%%% $$9,10 %%The James Street Group %%Structured Settlements %%1220 Colorado Street, #400 %%Austin, TX 78701 %%(800) 765-1660 %%(512) 469-7637 %%www.tjsg.com %%The James Street Group is the nation?s premier PLAINTIFF-ONLY structured settlement firm. Our experts represent you and your client in the structured settlement process to ensure that your client?s best interests are protected. Structured settlements provide financial security with long term, guaranteed, tax free income. An expert from The James Street Group can analyze life care plans, perform needs-based analyses, and design custom structured settlement options to protect your client?s financial future. We also offer structured attorney fees, a dynamic tool for tax planning. Call us when you open your next case - 800-765-1660. %%Sponsor %%James Street, John Vaclavik, Audrey Kenney, Marcile Vaclavik, Will Shapiro, Maria Iosue %%%% $$54 %%JAMS %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%707 Wilshire Blvd., #4600 %%Los Angeles, CA 90017 %%(213) 620-1133 %%(213) 620-0100 %%www.jamsadr.com %%Founded in 1979, JAMS, The Resolution Experts, is the nation's largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution services. With Resolution Centers nationwide, JAMS and its more than 200 full time, exclusive neutrals are responsible for resolving thousands of the nation's most important cases. %%Sponsor %%Brian Parmelee, Gina Miller, Karen Beutler, Mindi Merritt, Charles Bakaly, Jr., Esq. %%%% $$22 %%Janice Wexler - V.I.T.A., INC. %%Vocational Expert %%3500 West Olive Avenue, #300 %%Burbank, CA 91505 %%(818) 766-0058 %%(818) 766-0625 %% %% Janice Wexler - V.I.T.A., INC. is a vocational consulting and expert service. With more than 20 years experience in education and vocational rehabilitation, Janice Wexler provides vocational evaluations on cases involving Bad Faith (LTD), FELA, Employment Law (ADA, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment), Workers? Compensation, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Comprehensive Assessments and Research are conducted to determine past and future work capacities, labor market access, employment and earning capacity. %%Sponsor %%Janice Wexler %%%% $$11 %%Jonnell Agnew & Associates %%Court Reporting %%170 South Euclid Avenue %%Pasadena, CA 91101 %%(626) 568-9854 %%(626) 568-9987 %%www.jonnellagnewcourtreporters.com %%Court Reporters & Videographers. Livenote/Realtime, 7-10 day turnaround, email delivery, ASCII, condensed, transcription services, video teleconferencing, view transcripts, video and exhibits on screen at one time. Reporters on-call daily, complimentary refreshments, conference rooms available, top notch quality control. We are fast, accurate and dependable. Call us to schedule your next deposition. You won?t be disappointed. Our reporters make the difference. %%Sponsor %%Chelsie Norton, Karina Ruiz, Jonnell Agnew, Molis Cardoza, Christina Lopez %%%% $$95 %%Judicate West %%Alternative Dispute Resolution %%12100 Wilshire Blvd., #650 %%Los Angeles, CA 90025 %%(310) 442-2100 %%(310) 442-2125 %% %%Judicate West, one of Southern California's leading providers of dispute resolution since 1993, offers many of the industry's most sought after retired Judges and attorney neutrals. Our knowledgeable case managers serve as a resource in assisting you with your "due diligence" in selecting the most appropriate neutral for your case. %%Exhibitor %%Carole Wilson, Cris Jarrell %%%% $$18 %%Juris Productions %%Video Production %%44 North Marengo Avenue %%Pasadena, CA 91101 %%(626) 356-3006 %%(626) 356-3855 %%www.jurisproductions.com %%Founded by award-winning NBC News producers, Juris Productions, Inc. is a video production company dedicated to trial attorneys. Our settlement documentaries have maximized settlements for some of CAALA?s most prominent members. We also offer day-in-the-life video, animation and DVD trial presentations. %%Sponsor %%Rob Feldman, Keiko Johnson, Gina Kaysen Fernandez, Francisco Raposo, Mike Escobedo %%%% $$77 %%The Kavinoky Law Firm %%Law Firm - Criminal Law %%22130 Clarendon Street %%Woodland Hills, CA 91367 %%(818) 346-4646 %%(818) 346-4660 %% %%The L.A.-based (though statewide) Kavinoky Law Firm handles criminal cases exclusively, and has successfully defended cases ranging from mischief to murder. Darren Kavinoky is AV-Rated, nationally renowned, and frequently guests on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and many other shows. Referral fees promptly and cheerfully paid according to State Bar Rules. %%Exhibitor %%Darren Kavinoky, Craig Sturm %%%% $$36 %%Kern Legal Services, Inc. %%Litigation Support Services %%1614 West Temple Street %%Los Angeles, CA 90026 %%(800) 675-5376 %%(866) 241-0051 %% %%Kern Legal Services, Inc. established 1961 provides a full line of litigation support services to our clients handling any rush, same day, and next day assignments or fax filing services, Service of Process, Locate and Asset Searches, Background Checks, Discovery Document Reproduction. We have offices throughout California to serve you! %%Exhibitor %%Sheri Kern, Deborah Edemann %%%% $$27 %%Key Health %%Lien Service Provider %%5601 Lindero Canyon Road, #220 %%Westlake Village, CA 91362 %%(877) 633-5436 %%(818) 575-5301 %% %%Key Health manages a nationwide radiology, pain management, and surgery provider network that assists attorneys and their clients with their California Workers' Compensation and national personal injury cases. %%Exhibitor %%Michele Russell, Gene Muoio, Jeff Trigilio %%%% $$119 %%Knott Laboratory, LLC %%Forensic Engineering/Animation %%7185 South Tucson Way %%Centennial, CO 80112 %%(303) 925-1900 %%(303) 925-1901 %% %%Knott Laboratory is a full service forensic engineering and animation firm. For over 25 years, we have specialized in cases nationwide in the areas of mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering; vehicle accident reconstruction; fire and explosion investigations; computer animations and graphics. Our team is comprised of passionate, qualified and credible experts with extensive courtroom and professional experience. Visit www.knottlab.com to view current examples of our work or call us at 303-925-1900. %%Exhibitor %%Candace Taylor, Richard Ziernicki, Ph.D., PE %%%% $$98 %%Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf %%Law Firm - Criminal Law %%10390 Santa Monica Blvd., #300 %%Los Angeles, CA 90025 %%(310) 277-1707 %%(310) 277-1500 %% %%The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been helping individuals charged with crimes for over 30 years. The California criminal defense lawyers of the firm have both prosecuted and defended thousands of adults charged with every type of felony and misdemeanor crime. Focusing the practice in the field of criminal law, Mr. Wolf is a recognized expert in drunk driving, addiction-related offenses and juvenile law. He and his associate criminal lawyers have been pioneers in developing all forms of alternative sentencing. They have established relationships with Judges and District Attorneys in Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento and Ventura Counties. %%Exhibitor %%Larry Wolf %%%% $$122 %%Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki %%Law Firm %%1111 South Grand Avenue, #101 %%Los Angeles, CA 90015 %%(213) 745-9511 %%(213) 745-9611 %%www.lisamaki.net %%Dedicated to Protecting Consumers and Enforcing Our State's Civil Rights Laws %%Sponsor %%Lisa Maki %%%% $$40 %%Law Video Consultants %%Video Production %%959 East Colorado Blvd., #217 %%Pasadena, CA 91106 %%(800) 300-8585 %%(626) 577-5553 %%lawvideoconsultants.com %%Legal Video Production & Courtroom Presentation Services. %%Sponsor %%Vache Garabedian, Vahe Garabedian %%%% $$49 %%LawCash %%Financial %%26 Court Street %%Brooklyn, NY 11242 %%(718) 210-1910 %%(718) 875-0608 %%www.lawcash.net %%LawCash provides pre- and post-settlement funding for both clients and attorneys. LawCash also provides funding solutions for attorneys such as disbursement and case cost funding. %%Sponsor %%Gary Merola, Andy Fisher %%%% $$39 %%LawFinance Group, Inc. %%Financing %%1700 Montgomery Street, #249 %%San Francisco, CA 94111 %%(415) 617-9200 %%(415) 617-9201 %%www.lawfinance.com %%Since 1994 LawFinance Group, Inc. Our collaborative approach and proven "Best Practices Capital Management Solutions"? help contingency fee attorneys increase their bottom line, improve their cash flow and manage their case costs. %%Sponsor %%Michael Blum, Mark Pincus, Lisa James, Marion Downs, %%%% $$20,21 %%LexisNexis? %%Information & Solutions Provider %%421 Thrashers Creek Road %%Amherst, VA 24521 %%(434) 922-7022 %%(866) 960-3523 %%www.lexisnexis.com %%LexisNexis? (www.lexisnexis.com) is a leading provider of information and services solutions, including its flagship Web-based Lexis? and Nexis? research services, to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets. A member of Reed Elsevier [NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK] (www.reedelsevier.com), LexisNexis serves customers in 100 countries with 13,000 employees worldwide. %%Sponsor %%Cory Copeland, Tim Dawson, Bryan Howard, Michael Gregorian, Daniel Stratford, Ketan Gokalbhai, Douglas Whitmire %%%% $$48 %%MEA Forensic %%Forensic Investigation %%23281 Vista Grande Drive, #A %%Laguna Hills, CA 92653 %%(949) 855-4632 %%(949) 855-3340 %% %%MEA Forensic provides technical investigations for premises liability, motor vehicle collision, construction defect, aviation and failure analysis litigation across North America. We help clients understand the scientific aspects of their case and provide technical opinions for use in resolving legal disputes. Experts have significant courtroom testifying experience. Located in Southern California. Let the Evidence Speak? %%Exhibitor %%Julie O'Brien, John Gardiner, Chuck Gang, PE %%%% $$4 %%Med Legal Alliance, Inc. %%Doctors Network %%17525 Ventura Blvd., #200 %%Encino, CA 91316 %%(818) 995-8590 %%(818) 285-5955 %%www.medlegalalliance.com %%Through our medical network, you will find multiple medical providers that are well suited to deal with the complex needs involved with Personal Injury matters. When we refer to ourselves as "The Source", we do this because we want you to consider us for all of your case management needs. Our network allows for so many great ranges of services that you will only need us as your "Source" for complicated Personal Injury matters. Our guarantee is that you will find qualified medical professional as well as service with integrity! %%Sponsor %%Neal Bass, Ari Resnik, Justin Bass, Rick Martinez, Reina Resnik Esudri, Stacey Bass, Theresa Ketterhagen, Tina Marino, W. Seth Bolling, MD, Stepan Kasimian, MD, Glenn Marshak, MD %%%% $$12 %%Med Legal Consulting Source %%Med Legal Consulting %%1000 Wilshire Blvd., #260 %%Los Angeles, CA 90017 %%(213) 347-0203 %%(213) 347-0209 %%www.medlegal-la.com %%A National Firm Specializing in Medical Record Analysis for Litigation. %%Sponsor %%Nancy Fraser, Sarah McCann, Warren Smith, Amanda Gazlay %%%% $$107 %%MedFinManager %%Financial Services %%2322 South McClintock Drive %%Tempe, AZ 85282 %%(480) 763-1245 %%(480) 763-0481 %% %%MedFinManager assists your clients who do not have health insurance or the resources to pay for their "high-end" accident related medical care, including extensive surgery and hospitalization. Through MedFin, your client can secure the necessary medical attention without incurring finance charges or fees beyond the actual cost of their medical care. %%Exhibitor %%Joel Clapick, Hilary Nance %%%% $$63 %%Medical Visions, Inc. %%Medical Exhibits/Illustrations %%5200 Dallas Highway, #200-275 %%Powder Springs, GA 30127 %%(800) 869-8160 %%(770) 427-5123 %% %%Medical/Legal case specific, generic illustrations, animations, colorized film, anatomical models. %%Exhibitor %%Brenda Reese %%%% $$93 %%MediConnect Global %%Medical Record Retrieval %%10897 South River Front Parkway, #500 %%South Jordan, UT 84095 %%(800) 489-8710 %%(801) 812-8759 %% %%The Medical Record Retrieval Solution. Law firms can request all of their client's medical records from a single source. We will contact each individual medical provider, retrieve patient records, digitize them, and deliver them to you in a secure, organized, electronic format. MediConnect Global makes Record Retrieval simple, fast, and convenient. %%Exhibitor %%Amber Martinez, Trish Layton %%%% $$61 %%MediVisuals %%Medical Exhibits %%8222 Douglas Avenue, #700 %%Dallas, TX 75225 %%(214) 634-3996 %%(214) 634-7947 %% %%Find great medical exhibits at www.medivisuals.com or call with your case, for recommended visuals and/development of case-specific exhibits. Call Elizabeth Sims at (800) 899-2154. %%Exhibitor %%Trisha Haszel, Michelle Peterson %%%% $$7,8,19 %%Millennium Settlements %%Structured Settlements %%16217 Kittridge Street %%Van Nuys, CA 91406 %%(818) 902-5544 %%(818) 786-4271 %%www.millenniumsettlements.com %%Millennium Settlements is committed to comprehensive services for your practice as well as your settlements. We understand that many moving parts that compose victory in dispute resolution. We work with you to define and offer solutions driven options, which allows you focus and efficiency in your plaintiff firm's core competencies. 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Other offices in Van Nuys and Santa Ana. %%Exhibitor %%Dr. Morris Rashtian, Nohelia Zuniga %%%% $$105 %%Nationwide Litigation Funding %%Financial %%79-405 Highway 111, #9-285 %%La Quinta, CA 92253 %%(310) 497-5605 %%(310) 388-0576 %% %%NL Funding focuses on loans and non-recourse advances to and for law firms & Plaintiffs'. NL funding has a Corp. Finance Division - NLF Financial, specializing in venture capital. %%Exhibitor %%Beth Robbins, David Allen, Bill Moore, Dan Woska, Randy Sullivan %%%% $$84 %%Newsletters Ink Plus %%Marketing Services %%450 North Prince Street %%Lancaster, PA 17603 %%(800) 379-5585 %%(717) 393-4702 %% %%Newsletters Ink PLUS provides comprehensive marketing services, including printed materials, advertising specialty items, and mailing/database services. We provide fully customizable newsletters for attorneys to send to their clients. We also host legal marketing and professional development seminars and conferences. 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Web Content for Lawyers? automatically posts private-labeled, consumer-oriented weekly e-newsletters on law firm websites. %%Exhibitor %%Melaney Noll, Charity Beyer, Larry Tjan %%%% $$74 %%Oasis Legal Finance %%Pre-Settlement Litigation Funding %%40 Skokie Blvd., 5th Floor %%Northbrook, IL 60062 %%(847) 521-4313 %%(847) 521-4380 %% %%Oasis Legal Finance is the nation's largest litigation finance company providing cash advances to Plaintiffs' from $500 to $1 million. Oasis provides fast approvals and funding at competitive rates and no fees through its Attorney Express Program. %%Exhibitor %%Mark Hearsh, James Habel %%%% $$55 %%OnlineSecurity %%Computer Forensics/Electronic Discovery %%5870 West Jefferson Blvd., #A %%Los Angeles, CA 90016 %%(310) 815-8855 %%(310) 815-8808 %% %%Established in 1997, OnlineSecurity serves the corporate and legal community through litigation support in the areas of Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Consulting & Investigations to enable our clients to prevail in litigation. %%Exhibitor %%Charlie Balot, Michael Tashman, Sharon Balot %%%% $$30 %%Pacific Hospital of Long Beach %%HealthCare %%2776 Pacific Avenue %%Long Beach, CA 90806 %%(949) 870-3614 %%(949) 870-3692 %%www.phlb.org %%We are a full service medical facility specializing in personal injury lien cases. %%Sponsor %%Gloria Calderon, Karla Beasley, Justin Donalo, Paul Larsen, Christopher Pesante %%%% $$92 %%Pacific Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Medical Center %%Medical %%12660 Riverside Drive, #201 %%North Hollywood, CA 91607 %%(818) 618-5947 %%(818) 769-9678 %% %%We specialize in the treatment of personal injuries, sports and work-related. %%Exhibitor %%Rosa Miramontes, Igor Furman, Eugene Glosman, Peter Geyber, Neil Mazo, Fred Fong %%%% $$38 %%Paul Kayfetz Inc. Engineering Photography %%Expert Witness Services %%P.O. Box 310 %%Bolinas, CA 94924 %%(415) 868-0408 %%(415) 868-9336 %%www.paulkayfetz.com %%Visibility studies in HD-video; Measurements from photos/video; Computer simulations; Routinely admitted in evidence through supporting expert testimony. %%Sponsor %%Paul Kayfetz, Bruce Kayfetz, Siyuan Liu %%%% $$51 %%Paulson Reporting & Litigation Services %%Court Reporting/Litigation Support %%1875 Century Park East, #500 %%Los Angeles, CA 90067 %%(310) 598-4200 %%(310) 286-0276 %%www.paulsonreporting.com %%Paulson Reporting & Litigation Services has offices located throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Boston, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta. Paulson provides court reporting, complimentary conference suites, document depositories, videographers, videoconferencing, reproduction and imaging services nationally, anywhere, anytime. We offer complete courtroom setups with state-of-the-art equipment and litigation support software for your pretrial and trial presentation requirements. For more information, contact Paulson Reporting and Litigation Services at 1-800-300-1214. %%Sponsor %%Bonnie Webb, Ame' Spect, Marty Steinberg, Jill Arechiga, Derek Berg %%%% $$88 %%Peachtree Pre-Settlement Funding %%Financial %%3301 Quantum Blvd. %%Boynton Beach, FL 33426 %%(561) 962-3900 %%(866) 563-5416 %%www.presettlementfunds.com %%Peachtree provides cash to personal injury victims. Often, your clients have mounting financial issues that force them to settle prematurely. Money to cover client emergencies or general living expenses afford you time to negotiate the settlement your client deserves. %%Sponsor %%Irving Lugo, Andrew Estrine, David Isles %%%% $$43 %%Peoplehunter.com %%Investigative Services %%31657 Ridge Route Road, #C-204 %%Castaic, CA 91384 %%(661) 775-1600 %%(661) 775-1601 %% %%We locate people for attorneys. We locate in all 50 States. Fast and accurate, we do the work for you. We will find a valid current address, and in most cases a telephone number. Get the right address the 1st time! %%Exhibitor %%Flo Lawrence %%%% $$13 %%Phillips Fractor Gorman %%Economic Expert %%750 East Walnut Street %%Pasadena, CA 91101 %%(626) 744-3540 %%(626) 744-3530 %%www.rule26.com %%Consultants in Economics, Statistics, Management. Earnings loss and damages in personal injury or wrongful death cases. Statistical analysis for wage and hour cases. Employment earnings losses in wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, constructive discharge, medical malpractice and products liability cases. Loss profits and business valuations. %%Sponsor %%David Fractor, Ph.D., Michael Phillips, Ph.D., Phil Gorman, Ph.D., Sean Chasworth, Dennis Halcoussis, Ph.D. %%%% $$28 %%P.J. West & Associates Inc. %%Med Legal Consulting %%29715 Windsong Lane %%Agoura Hills, CA 91301 %%(818) 707-0051 %%(818) 706-0041 %% %%P.J. West & Associates has a successful 24-year history of extensive national experience collaborating with attorneys. We specialize in: Case Screenings for Merit; Research & Summarizing Medical Literature; Chronologies of Medical Events; Depositions, Arbitrations & Trials; Fraud and Abuse; IMEs; Expert Witnesses; Jury Consulting. Our expert organization and analysis are key to your successful medical verdict. %%Exhibitor %%Tricia West, Sheri Bisson %%%% $$82 %%Plaintiff Support Services %%Financial/Plaintiff Support %%6400 Main Street, #120 %%Williamsville, NY 14221 %%(800) 352-9676 %%(716) 639-8822 %% %%Plaintiff Support offers a variety of non-recourse investments in plaintiffs' litigation, appeals and litigation funding. We are committed to preventing overfunding. We assist in helping the plaintiff with their daily financial needs and to give you and your client time to maximize the value of the claim. %%Exhibitor %%Sandra Cassidy, Esq., Helen Ann Jones %%%% $$94 %%Richard Harris Law Firm %%Law Firm %%801 South Fourth Street %%Las Vegas, NV 89101 %%(702) 444-4444 %%(702) 385-9408 %% %%Your Nevada Personal Injury Partner, the Richard Harris Law Firm is available for association and referral of all Nevada personal injury and wrongful death cases. AV rated and a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Richard Harris Law Firm has successfully represented injury victims for over 25 years. %%Exhibitor %%Richard Harris, Susan Waters, TBD %%%% $$23 %%Ringler Associates %%Structured Settlements %%1301 Dove Street, #960 %%Newport Beach, CA 92660 %%(949) 833-3910 %%(949) 833-3687 %%www.ringlerassociates.com %%Ringler Associates is the largest and oldest structured settlement firm in the United States, with six offices in Southern California. %%Sponsor %%Patrick Farber, Paul Farber, Mike Zea, Manny Valdez, Jr., Manny Valdez %%%% $$26 %%Robert W. Johnson & Associates %%Forensic Economists %%4984 El Camino Real, #210 %%Los Altos, CA 94022 %%(650) 494-2413 %%(650) 494-2454 %%www.rwja.com %%Economic Damage Analysis for Profoundly Injured Plaintiffs and Structured Attorney Fees. %%Sponsor %%Robert Johnson, Horacio Lleverino, James Mills %%%% $$17 %%Roughan & Associates @ LINC %%Med Legal Consulting %%114 West Colorado Blvd. %%Monrovia, CA 91016 %%(626) 303-6333 %%(626) 303-8080 %%www.linc.biz %%Jan Roughan, BSN,PHN,RN,CRRN,CNLCP,CCM of Roughan & Associates @ LINC, a well known Damage Expert, provides Medical/Legal Consulting Services, including, but not limited to, Expert Testimony, Life Care Planning (LCP), LCP Critique, Medical Record organization/Review/Summarization/Analysis. %%Sponsor %%Jan Roughan, Art Sisson %%%% $$100 %%Southern California Mediation Association %%Mediation Services %%75 South Grand Avenue %%Pasadena, CA 91105 %%(877) 963-3428 %%(626) 974-5439 %% %%SCMA's Mission is to promote the development and support of mediation through education, dialogue and outreach to mediators and the community. SCMA's members serve the Consumer Attorneys and their clients by facilitating the settlement of a broad spectrum of cases and issues at all stages of litigation. %%Exhibitor %%Linda Cain, Wendy Kramer, Mia George, Robert Wrede, TBD %%%% $$80 %%Southland Spine & Rehabilitation Medical Center %%Medical %%1520 Nutmeg Place %%Costa Mesa, CA 92626 %%(714) 720-7047 %%(714) 825-3514 %% %%PI - Workers Comp - Medical Center works on lien basis - Physical Therapy - Chiropractic - Multi-specialty medical group - 28 Doctors - Psychologist - Acupuncture - Oriental Herbalist. %%Exhibitor %%Veronica Benoit, Marisol Benitez, Myrna Hernandez, Jason Eaves, Jeff Catanzarite %%%% $$76 %%SRS Marketing %%Liens/Medical/Doctors Network %%2510-G Las Posas Road, #224 %%Camarillo, CA 93010 %%(877) 777-4924 %%(805) 383-0748 %% %%A complimentary physician location service specializing in Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation. %%Exhibitor %%Sondra Sanders, Georgia Vanvales, Dr. Moris Elie, Dr. Lee Woods, Trina McMann %%%% $$14 %%Steinbrecher and Associates %%Law Firm %%16830 Ventura Blvd., #B %%Encino, CA 91436 %%(818) 528-7600 %%(818) 528-7620 %%www.seriousinjurylawyers.com %%Steinbrecher and Associates has more than 30 years of experience successfully litigating cases throughout the state of California. We handle major injury cases and welcome all referrals. We pay Referral Fees! For more information, visit our website at SeriousInjuryLawyers.com. %%Sponsor %%Ed Steinbrecher, Starr Gibson, David Gibson %%%% $$103 %%Steve Orlandella Productions %%Video Production %%2031 South Bentley Avenue, #306 %%Los Angeles, CA 90025 %%(310) 479-4627 %%(310) 479-4629 %% %%Video services for attorneys. "Day in the Life" videos, collateral witness videos, wrongful death videos, PowerPoint presentations, videotaped depositions. %%Exhibitor %%Steve Orlandella, Jay MacIntosh %%%% $$118 %%Strategic Capital %%Structured Settlements %%575 Madison Avenue, #1006 %%New York, NY 10022 %%(866) 256-0088 %%(866) 233-0863 %% %%Strategic Capital provides funding to trial lawyers and their clients by providing lump sums of cash in consideration for a stream of future cash payments. Typical examples include Mass Tort fees, Litigation fees, Single Payment Structured fees and Settlement fees. %%Exhibitor %%Timothy Aikman, Kitty Aikman %%%% $$64 %%Structured Financial Associates %%Structured Settlements %%5318 East 2nd Street, #734 %%Long Beach, CA 90803 %%(949) 233-8980 %%(562) 348-4965 %% %%Today, Structured Financial Associates is one of the largest structured settlement brokerage firms in the United States with a commitment to providing creative financial solutions through the use of structured settlements to expedite claim resolution while serving the needs of the claimant. Quicker claim resolution means claimants and their families can begin to move on with their lives with the assurance that their future financial needs are addressed. %%Exhibitor %%Heather Killebrew, Ed Schrenzel, Richard Buice %%%% $$99 %%The TASA Group, Inc. %%Expert & Consultant Referral Service %%1166 DeKalb Pike %%Blue Bell, PA 19422 %%(800) 523-2319 %%(800) 329-8272 %% %%We Have Your Expert? The TASA Group delivers outstanding Local and National, Testifying and Consulting Experts in 10,000+ categories, for Personal Injury, Product Liability, Workers' Compensation, Medical/Healthcare, Premises Liability, Environmental case, and MUCH MORE. TASA quickly provides targeted referrals and resumes and helps arrange your initial Expert phone interviews. Responsive, time-saving and cost-effective. %%Exhibitor %%Jim Roberts, Joan McNeill %%%% $$109 %%Thomson Findlaw %%Marketing Services %%610 Opperman Drive %%Eagan, MN 55123 %%(866) 443-4635 %%(651) 687-5642 %% %%Thomson Findlaw is the legal industry?s most effective provider of client development services. Findlaw?s FirmSite provides law firms with web sites to generate lucrative new business through the web and use technology to systematically build stronger, more profitable relationships with existing clients. Attorneys can also be prominently listed on our web portal, Findlaw.com, the world?s most visited legal information site. %%Exhibitor %%Taedra Kogan, Eric Bersano, Annie Stern %%%% $$33,34 %%Thomson West %%Legal Publisher %%610 Opperman Drive %%Eagan, MN 55123 %%(651) 687-4282 %%(651) 687-5642 %%www.west.thomson.com %%West delivers a powerful competitive advantage to its customers by providing the highest-quality legal, regulatory and business information and the most innovative technology tools to manage it. In addition to being the home of Westlaw?, West annually publishes over 66 million books and 500 CD-ROM libraries. Visit us at www.west.thomson.com. %%Sponsor %%Gary Mallory, Gregg Kravitz, Meredith Johnson, Bob Grabowski %%%% $$113 %%Trapani Dickins & Associates %%Insurance/Employee Benefits %%515 South Flower Street, #3510 %%Los Angeles, CA 90071 %%(213) 622-1177 %%(213) 624-3070 %% %%Provide employee benefits and insurance services to the business community. We provide tailored benefit solutions with strategic planning and technology based solutions through an experiences sales team. %%Exhibitor %%Greg Huston, Brad Barker %%%% $$71 %%TrialWorks Case Management Software %%Case Management/Litigation Management/Document Management %%8872 Southwest 129th Terrace %%Miami, FL 33176 %%(800) 377-5844 %%(305) 259-5556 %% %%TrialWorks? case management software was developed by lawyers for lawyers. Convert your office to paperless by combining document assembly, calendaring/docketing, email tracking, and imaging in a centralized location. Whether your case is general litigation or class action, TrialWorks allows users to access their case information without ever opening a file drawer. TrialWorks brings organization and efficiency to firms of all sizes and allows you to take your office to the rest of the world. %%Exhibitor %%Tracee Wagner, Kelly Bartel %%%% $$104 %%USA Express Legal & Investigative Services, Inc. %%Investigations/Legal Support %%20300 Ventura Blvd., #290 %%Woodland Hills, CA 91364 %%(818) 887-6620 %%(818)887-7560 %% %%Providing full scale investigations, attorney services and mobile copy services. We are your complete legal support center. CA P.I. Lic. 22511 %%Exhibitor %%Harry Kazakian, Gina Kazakian %%%% $$29 %%VECTOR, Inc. %%Vocational Expert %%13822 Beach Blvd. %%Westminister, CA 92683 %%(714) 898-5533 %%(714) 892-0345 %%www.vector1.com %%VECTOR, Inc. - celebrating 31 years in vocational rehabilitation. Richard Andersen also serves as one of the leading vocational experts in personal injury, medical malpractice, harassment/abuse and wrongful death litigation. For references, case studies, CV and fees, go to our website. %%Sponsor %%Richard Andersen, Marsha Andersen, Valerie Lindow, Douglas Lindow %%%% $$42 %%VerdictSearch %%Verdicts & Settlements %%4M Metro Tech %%Brooklyn, NY 11201 %%(347) 227-3080 %%(347) 227-3642 %% %%VerdictSearch gives you access to over 100,000 verdicts and settlements reports online, by phone, or in print. Our research solutions help you quickly identify cases and get essential information that can help you win in court or negotiate the best possible settlement. %%Exhibitor %%Marlene Murray, Rick Nepola %%%% $$6 %%Videotek West %%Video Production %%21155 Penunuri Place %%Moreno Valley, CA 92557 %%(800) 339-2944 %%(951) 275-0041 %%www.videotekwest.com %%Videotaped Depositions, Synchronization of Video & Transcript, Elmo/Courtroom Equipment Rentals, Settlement Documentaries. %%Sponsor %%Joe Carter, Julian Abalos, Bill Varble, Richard Smith, David Castner %%%% $$83 %%WeAppear.com / Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP %%Appearance/Contract Attorneys %%4307 Redondo Beach Blvd. %%Lawndale, CA 90260 %%(310) 371-2597 %%(310) 542-6184 %% %%Weappear.com / Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP is the nation?s leading court appearance law firm providing local counsel for depositions and court appearances nationwide. Attorneys and law firms across the country use weappear.com as a resource for out-of-town appearances, calendar conflicts, vacations, unforeseen events and emergencies. Since 1994, we?ve earned our reputation for reliability and professionalism. %%Exhibitor %%Andrew Pomerantz, Gary Craig Hoffman %%%% $$15 %%WEXCO International Corp. %%Construction & Safety Experts %%4132 Del Rey Avenue %%Marina del Rey, CA 90292 %%(310) 306-3877 %%(310) 306-7480 %% %%Construction and Safety Experts ? Expert witness services for Personal Injury/Premises Liability [Slip, Trips and Falls, Building Code and Safety Violations, Safety Engineering and Construction Accidents (ladders, scaffolds, falls from height)]; Construction Defects and Damages [Construction Defect Investigations, Damage Assessment/Repair Estimates, Engineering Analysis, Contract Disputes]; and Accident Reconstruction [Cars, Trucks, Bicycles, Pedestrians]. %%Exhibitor %%Stephen Wexler, Brad Avrit %%%% $$81 %%White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna, Wolf & Hunt %%Forensic Accounting %%14455 Ventura Blvd., 3rd Floor %%Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 %%(818) 981-4226 %%(818) 981-4278 %% %%WZWLW & H is a forensic and tax accounting firm that provides services in the following areas: expert witness testimony in personal injury, business litigation and family law matters; business and real estate valuations; tax and accounting services; and personal and business financial planning. %%Exhibitor %%Venita McMorris, Barbara Luna %%%% $$121 %%Cyber Lounge %% %%SPONSORED by %%Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki %% %% %% %%Located in the back of the Exhibit Hall, the Cyber Lounge will serve as a relaxing area for all convention attendees. It will include a sitting area with couches and chairs, as well as several power outlets. It will also include computer stations for the attendees to surf the web or catch up on work. %% %% %%%%