Past Association Presidents and Video Interviews with Past Presidents

Sixty-five men and women have served as President of Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, or as the Association was previously known, the National Association of Claimants Compensation Attorneys, Los Angeles Lawyers Round Table, Los Angeles Plaintiffs Lawyers Association and Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association.

Here is a complete list of Past Presidents. In addition, CAALA has compiled video interviews with several Past Presidents of the Association. Click on the underlined names below to view a video interview from a Past President.

2014 Geoffrey Wells 1981 Terence J. Mix
2013 Lisa Maki 1980 Michael D. Hiller (deceased)
2012 Michael Alder 1979 Browne Greene
2011 Philip Michels 1978 Lawrence R. Booth
2010 Garo Mardirossian 1977 Samuel Shore (deceased)
2009 Randy McMurray 1976 Karl Seuthe (deceased)
2008 Amy Solomon 1975 Kenneth L. Knapp,(deceased)
2007 John C. Torjesen 1974 Hill Sayble (deceased)
2006 Steven Glickman 1973 Sanford M. Gage
2005 Raymond Boucher 1972 Stanley K. Jacobs
2004 Antony Stuart 1971 Robert M. Fox
2003 Michael S. Fields 1970 Robert H. Lund (deceased)
2002 Christine D. Spagnoli 1969 James R. Ross
2001 Robert S. Fink 1968 Frank W. Criley (deceased)
2000 John F. Denove 1967 Sam M. Dana (deceased)
1999 Russell E. Nordstrom 1966 Daniel Fogel (deceased)
1998 Arnold W. Schwartz 1965 David Pollock (deceased)
1997 Deborah A. David 1964 James G. Butler (deceased)
1996 Bruce M. Brusavich 1963 Ned Good
1995 Charles J. Mazursky 1962 William P. Camusi (deceased)
1994 Bruce A. Broillett 1961 Elmer Low (deceased)
1993 Thomas M. Dempsey 1960 Lionel T. Campbell (deceased)
1992 Jerome L. Ringler 1959 Donald R. Krag
1991 Eugene W. Comroe 1958 Theodore A. Horn (deceased)
1990 Wayne McClean 1957 Henry A. Plattner (deceased)
1989 Thomas G. Stolpman 1956 Downey Grosenbaugh (deceased)
1988 Lawrence P. Grassini 1955 Edward I. Pollock (deceased)
1987 Robert S. Schlifkin 1954 Herbert Hirson (deceased)
1986 Gerald E. Agnew, Jr. 1953 Ben C. Cohen (deceased)
1985 Gary M. Paul 1952 Richard L. Oliver (deceased)
1984 Larry R. Feldman 1951 Richard L. Oliver (deceased)
1983 Ian Herzog 1950 Edward Feldman (deceased)
1982 G. Dana Hobart