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Appearing in the July 2019 issue of ADVOCATE:

Perspectives from the Bench

The best kind of power lunch
Judge Elaine Lu

Lessons from my first jury trial and error
Judge Michael L. Stern

Opening statements
Judge Mark V. Mooney

What to expect when you are assigned out for your first trial
Judge Stephen Moloney

Are we there yet?
Judge Michelle Williams Court

The art of judging
Judge Norman Perry Tarle

The electronic evolution
Judge Kevin C. Brazile & Sherri R. Carter

Advocacy is not what it should be
Judge Rupert Byrdsong

Strengthening resilience through mindfulness
Judge Paul A. Bacigalupo

Case Management Conferences in the Los Angeles Superior Court’s unlimited jurisdiction independent calendar courts
Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer

Immersive vacations prescribed by judge
Judge Graciela Freixes

Common mistakes and pitfalls in responses to Requests for Production of Documents
Judge Randolph M. Hammock

An introduction to the Los Angeles Superior Court Judicial Mandatory Settlement Conference Program
Judge Abraham Khan & Judge Zaven V. Sinanian

Do you want the judge to read your papers?
Judge Steven J. Kleifield

Justice 26 miles across the sea
Judge Peter J. Mirich

With all due respect
Judge Anthony J. Mohr & Judge Elizabeth Allen White

Groucho Marx can make you a better lawyer
Gregory W. Alarcon


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