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Member Benefit with CVN

CAALA has formed an exclusive relationship with CVN (Courtroom View Network) that will give all current CAALA attorney members free access to CVN Essentials, a curated library of more than 200 video clips featuring key moments from trials in California and around the country. To receive the free CAALA Member CVN Essentials subscription, click here to access the registration form. 

With court restrictions around the country, now is a perfect time to learn strategies from some of the best attorneys in precedent-setting trials. CVN has added even more resources to help you during this time, LEARN MORE! 

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Affiliate Membership is available to any person/company whose nature of business provides goods or services to plaintiff trial lawyers. Benefits are designed to help you maximize your membership, build new business relationships and connect with more than 3,000 attorney members. [Learn more]

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