Women in Law Group

This members-only group focuses on women empowering women to offer support, resources, and a forum for sharing of ideas and concerns that affect women in the legal industry.

Women in Law programs are informal gatherings for candid discussions you've been dying to have and now can! Throughout the year CAALA hosts complimentary programs led by attorney members Amy Solomon & Ibiere Seck. 

What can you expect from Women in Law programs?

  • Women Empowering Women
  • A strong support network of women helping each other be better trial attorneys.
  • Small group breakout discussions to allow enough time for all to speak.
  • Mentors ready to help you develop skill sets to enhance your practice.

Join the Women in Law List Serve to keep the conversations going beyond the roundtable discussions. 

Submit discussion topic suggestions to liz@caala.org or contact Liz Hagan at (213) 487-1212.