Women in Law Group

This members-only group focuses on women empowering women to offer support, resources, and a forum for sharing of ideas and concerns that affect women in the legal industry.

Women in Law programs are informal gatherings for candid discussions you've been dying to have and now can! Throughout the year CAALA hosts complimentary programs with attorney members Amy Solomon & Ibiere Seck. This year we've partnered with Katherine James and ACT of Communication to host interactive workshops to build communication skills for the courtroom.

Learn more about Katherine James:
Since 1977, the founders of ACT of COMMUNICATION®, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, have brought state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses. A trial consultant who specializes in live communication skills based in the discipline of theatre, Katherine James has been working to make attorneys and witnesses better courtroom communicators since. She has helped take over 1,500 cases to trial and helped prepare literally thousands of witnesses, including experts of every stripe. She coaches witnesses and their lawyers to reach, persuade and activate jurors.

Submit discussion topic suggestions to liz@caala.org or contact Liz Hagan at (213) 487-1212.