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Journal of Consumer Attorneys Associations for Southern California

Appearing in the July 2020 issue of ADVOCATE:

Product Liability

Judge Gregory Alarcon
CACI meets The Bard

Jeffrey Rudman
Reacting to the murder of George Floyd

Judge Shirley K. Watkins
The sale of structured settlements

Judge Randolph M. Hammock
Discover what you may not know about the Discovery Act

Judge Valerie Salkin
Practice and professionalism considerations in a post-pandemic court

Nancy Peverini
Eyes on the goal

Judge Mary Ann Murphy
Navigating the court during the COVID-19 pandemic

Judge Mark V. Mooney
Ex parte motions

Judge Anthony J. Mohr
Remote jury trials

Judge Michael L. Stern
The craziest client I ever represented

Hon. Michael D. Marcus (Ret.)
Unfair competition law and the right to a jury trial in civil matters

Jonathan Dwork
Webinars take center stage in education

Judge Teresa Beaudet
Meet and confer, compromise and stipulate

Judge Gregory Keosian
Jury instructions front and center

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich
Appellate Reports

Stuart Zanville
The state organization: CAOC

Linda A. Lipsen
AAJ stands against police misconduct


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