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Appearing in the April 2021 issue of ADVOCATE:

Wrongful Death

Cynthia Craig
Here comes the sun…

Aksana M. Coone
A death at sea

Stuart Zanville
January 6 U.S. Capitol riots

Tal Rubin
Wrongful death – standing, pleadings and related considerations

John Rice
Addressing Medicare liens in wrongful-death cases

Okorie Okorocha
Alcohol toxicology for civil lawyers

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich
Appellate Reports

Genie Harrison
Google Law, PC

Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer (Ret.)
The case for mediating wrongful-death actions

Elizabeth Hernandez
Supporting the non-economic damages claim in a wrongful-death case

Nadine Khedry
Absent a special relationship between plaintiff and defendant, was there a “negligent undertaking”?

Linda A. Lipsen
AAJ provides advocacy on ending qualified immunity

Nancy Peverini
CAOC announces 2021 legislative priorities

Rahul Ravipudi, Paul Traina & Ian Samson
Conflict issues in wrongful-death actions

David Greenberg, Emily Ruby & Janet Gusdorff
The unique inequity of Privette and its progeny in wrongful-death cases

Brian Panish & Patrick Gunning
Arguing non-economic damages in a wrongful-death case


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