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Certifying Your Email Address

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CAALA Member-Only List Serve Options

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CAALA-WORKPRODUCT List Serve is for CAALA Attorney Members to confidentially exchange important work-product information and advice with each other, relating to: trial strategy, references and background of experts, judges, defense attorneys, defendants, arbitrators, and mediators; case evaluation information; recent developments in the law; court rules; pleadings; tactics; attorney referrals, legal research, legal questions and other attorney work-product information.

CAALA-LIFE List Serve is for CAALA Attorney Members to confidentially exchange experiences, ideas and information related to their legal practice or the business of law that may not be defined as work-product. Examples include: congratulatory messages, questions and comments relating to products and services, employment opportunities, office space rentals, and messages about individual experiences related to the practice of law.

CAALA-POL List Serve is for CAALA Attorney Members to confidentially exchange messages that are a civil exchange of information, ideas and opinions regarding politics (local, state, national or international) that reasonably relate to the practice of law.

CAALA-NEWLAWYER List Serve is for Attorney members of CAALA who have been admitted to the practice of law for less than 10 years to confidentially communicate and exchange with each other information, ideas, advice, guidance, etc. related to the practice of law.

CAALA-WOMEN List Serve is for all female members of CAALA (attorneys, law students, legal staff, and affiliate vendors) to confidentially share resources, ideas and concerns that affect women in the legal industry.

CAALA-LegalStaff List Serve is for legal staff members of CAALA to confidentially communicate and exchange with each other questions, experiences and ideas related to their roles within the legal industry. 

Opposing Counsel Agreement

Click to access the CAALA List Serve policy when one CAALA member is opposing another.

List Serve Support

For issues with joining a list serve, contact CAALA at or (213) 487-1212. For technical issues, contact our list serve and website host, TrialSmith, at or (800) 443-1757 for live assistance during business hours.